Rob Gonda

Guest Speaker

Exponential Organizations, Future of Work

Areas of Expertise

Virtual Reality  •  Opener / Closer  •  Networks & Computing Systems  •  Mobility  •  Moderator  •  Leadership  •  Internet of Things  •  Impact  •  Future of Learning  •  Future Forecasting  •  Facilitator  •  Exponential Thinking  •  Exponentials  •  Exponential Organizations  •  Entrepreneurship  •  Disruption  •  Design Thinking  •  Customer Experience  •  Crowdsourcing  •  Corporate Innovation  •  Convergence  •  Augmented Reality  •  Future of Work  •  Abundance

About Rob

Rob Gonda is the CEO of Dakia Digital, a company driving social impact at scale and set to disrupt music, hospitality, entertainment, and health industries. Rob started and sold five companies and has led three large digital transformations at privately held, PE-backed, and public fortune companies; among others at McDonald’s, where he was chief digital officer and during his leadership the company tripled their market cap.

He’s a dynamic thought leader, faculty as the prestigious Singularity University, published author, Forbes columnist, frequent public speaker, sits on multiple boards, former digital chair for the 4A’s and the ARF, and featured in TV at Reuters and Bloomberg innovator series. Rob is currently involved with TED, Summit, and the UN attempting to bring exponential thinking and fix the world’s greater challenges.

Speaking Topics

  • Future of Consumerism

    The Fourth Industrial Revolution is transforming entire systems of production, distribution, and consumption providing both opportunities for value-creation through exponential technologies, as well as massive challenges for brands failing to adapt. Consumer spending, which drives nearly 60% of world GDP, is an engine for economic activity, will soon be controlled the confluence of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and changing consumer behaviors and expectations.

    In this session, we will start with a historic look at consumerism including the role of brands, trust, buying behavior and the anatomy of decision making. The session will quickly take you in the future of consumerism taking into account how society, technology, behavior and business models are changing and what this all means to relevant industries including retail, consumer packaged goods, media and health. Throughout the session, we will highlight lessons learned from enterprises who are adapting (or not), disrupting and building a thriving future in the face of unprecedented change in consumerism.

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