Robert Freitas



Areas of Expertise

Digital Manufacturing  •  Nanotech

About Robert

Current areas of interest and expertise for Robert A. Freitas Jr. include: Nanotechnology, nanomedicine, medical nanorobotics design, molecular machine systems, diamondoid mechanosynthesis (theory and experimental pathways), molecular assemblers and nanofactories, atomically precise manufacturing, and self-replication in machine and factory systems. His long-term goal is to speed the development of medical nanorobotics in order to increase the normal healthy human lifespan by at least tenfold. He is the author of a series of books that offer the first extended technical discussion of the medical applications of nanotechnology and medical nanorobotics. Other Professional Experience Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Molecular Manufacturing (IMM) Co-founded the Nanofactory Collaboration (2000-now) Member American Association for the Advancement of Science Member, National Space Society Research Scientist, Zyvex Corporation Research Fellow and Study Editor, NASA/ASEE Summer Study Programs, including Advanced Automation for Space Missions Astronomy/SETI researcher.

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