Dr. Robin Teigland


Blockchain, Oceans

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Areas of Expertise

Supply Chain  •  Digital Transformation  •  Sustainability  •  Corporate Innovation  •  Entrepreneurship  •  Artificial Intelligence  •  GGC-Environment  •  Future of Work  •  Blockchain

About Robin

Robin Teigland a Singularity University expert in Blockchain, Digital Transformation and Sustainability. She is a Professor in Management of Digitalization in the Entrepreneurship and Strategy Division at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. She is also the Director of Ocean Data Factory Sweden – Sweden’s national initiative for AI-driven innovation based on ocean data.

Recently Robin published three books with Routledge on fintech, the future of labor, and digitalization’s impact on public services. In 2017, 2018, and 2019 Robin was listed by the Swedish business magazine, Veckans Affärer, as one of Sweden’s most influential women, primarily in technology.

Teigland is currently leading several projects investigating AI and its influence on value creation in society and how the convergence of disruptive technologies including AI is transforming long-standing institutional structures leading to new organizational and labor forms.

Robin is an impact entrepreneur and has co-founded Peniche Ocean Watch and Ocean Tech Hub in Portugal, through which she is running several blue circular economy projects.

She strives to understand how we can use disruptive technologies, such as the blockchain, drones, 3d printing, and artificial intelligence, to empower coastal communities to improve their symbiosis with the ocean for a sustainable future.

Digital Strategies - PLM Innovation Forum 2017

TEDxSSE4m - Leveraging Virtual Worlds for Real Worlds

Digitalization and AI: Rethinking How We Work

SingularityU Portugal Documentary - Episode 4 - Robin Teigland

Speaking Topics

  • Blockchain: Driving the Circular Economy

    Traditional supply chains and linear “take-make-waste” models of thinking are giving way to more sustainable and circular economic models. This talk discusses the benefits of shifting to a circular economy and how some organizations are already creating inter-organizational partnerships and implementing blockchain technology to drive the circular economy.

  • Building an AI Innovation Ecosystem

    Artificial Intelligence is increasingly being discussed as a powerful driver of competitive advantage. Yet what many business leaders do not realize is that the road to successful AI innovation holds many pitfalls. This talk discusses how to get started and what leaders can do to move towards building a successful AI innovation ecosystem.

  • Corporate Governance & AI Leadership

    While artificial intelligence holds considerable promise for firms to improve their competitive advantage, the majority of corporate boards are not yet prepared to govern artificial intelligence. This session presents insights from Robin’s research on how chairmen and board directors should think about supervising AI-driven innovation while governing AI implementation within their firm and across their ecosystem.

  • Digital Transformation of Society & Future of Labour

    This talk discusses how digital technologies and their convergence with other technologies are not only disrupting business models and industries but also all aspects of society, such as how we live, work, and play, which in turn creates new opportunities for value creation as we move into the fourth industrial revolution.

  • Leading in a Networked World

    Power is increasingly understood to be at the center of networks and not at the top of formal hierarchies. This talk presents some of the core principles of social networks and enables participants to understand how they can leverage informal networks both within their own organization as well as throughout their organization’s greater ecosystem for increased innovation and performance.

  • Scenario Thinking | Activated Talk

    While all our knowledge is about the past, we must make strategic decisions for an increasingly uncertain future. This session presents a number of scenario thinking tools and a workshop that enables individuals and organizations to better manage uncertainty and leverage changing competitive environments.

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