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About Roeland

Dr. Roeland Dietvorst studied biological and cognitive psychology and with the help of his professors he was able to publish both bachelor and master thesis in scientific journals. With his talent and desire to do research, he obtained a PhD. in cognitive neuroscience at Erasmus School of Economics. Neuroimaging techniques are his favorite tool, which he applies to understanding how people represent and value information in the brain and make decisions accordingly. Roeland publishes regularly in reputable international scientific journals. He is co-founder at Alpha.One, a consumer neuroscience research and strategy firm, that uses insights and techniques adopted from neuroscience to help good companies make better decisions.

Besides being an entrepreneur, Roeland is core lecturer for consumer neuroscience at the European Institute for Brand management and lectures on persuasive communication at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Roeland is an experienced speaker; TEDx, Google, Facebook, Samsung, Microsoft, Neuromarketing World Forum and many more… Roeland knows how to bridge the gap between the forefront of neuroscience and day-to-day decision making.

Understanding the inner workings of the brain | TEDxDelft

Neuromarketing World Forum 2018: Roeland Dietvorst (Alpha.One)

Faculty Teaser: Roeland Dietvorst

Kopie van Digital Studio Live Stream - MARCH 6TH 15:00 - Helping Organizations make better decisions

Get Into The Future Event 2017


Speaking Topics

  • How the brain changes its mind

    Why is that apparently the same message can yield very different effects on how, or even whether we change our mind and behavior? This focus is about being persuasive in your communication. Little details that shouldn’t matter, turn out to be critical in the effects of a message designed to persuade people. During the talk he will discuss examples of how neuroimaging techniques provide information about how to design an effective health message, or how to promote sustainability.

  • Neuroforecasting

    This exciting new field of neuroscience focuses on predicting how markets will develop or how behavior is affected by information, purely based on brain activity on the moment when the information is processed. The prediction can even outperform the feedback of the same group of people who participated in the scanning session. This field has direct implications for business and marketing.

  • Neuroscience and AI

    At the interface of neuroscience and AI arise many philosophical questions; will we be able to record your dreams with brain scanners or upload your consciousness in a machine? Roeland is an experienced and energetic keynote speaker. During Roeland’s talk you will learn how neuroscience and technology provide a new perspective on who we are and where we are heading. You will understand how you can use insights from brain science to improve the quality and precision of your decisions. You will better understand what it takes to change behaviour.

    Theme 1: How the brain changes its mind.
    · Understand subconscious influences on our decisions and behavior.
    · Learn about persuasion and influence.
    · Neuro-forecasting, use neuroscientific methods to predict future markets.
    · Achieve impactful health communication and promote sustainability.

    Theme 2: Improve the quality of your decisions with neuroscience.
    · Understand the neural mechanisms underlying decision making.
    · When do you rely on conscious, deliberate thought versus subconscious, reflexive information processing.
    · Learn to recognize structural thinking errors.
    · Leverage the benefits of human versus Artificial Intelligence.
    · Can we improve human performance with microdosing psychedelics?

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