Roland Wijnen


Business Models

About Roland

Roland Wijnen is a creative strategist and business model innovator who combines a background in engineering, aeronautics, and technology with his passion for bringing people together to work on new value creation. He is a thinker, designer, and maker who works with business teams daily in order to innovate their business model through a collaborative and discovery-driven approach. As a business designer at Business Models Inc., Roland challenges leadership teams to think beyond incremental innovation.

Roland also works on business model research, identifying major shifts in how value is created. This research is meant to uncover the principles, mechanics, and patterns of new value creation. Roland turns research insights into compelling and visual stories with the goal to change how teams think about innovation and disruption. Once teams change their thinking, they can start making their own shift towards new value creation. The other major shifts are the digital, services, circular, platform, and stakeholder shift.

Roland works with corporates and startups across all sectors to make these business model shifts happen.

He holds a M.Sc. and PhD (Aeronautical Engineering) from Delft University of Technology, as well as aPhD in collaborative airport strategic planning.

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