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Cryptocurrency, Blockchain

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Cryptocurrency  •  Blockchain

About Rutger

Rutger van Zuidam (1983, Groningen, The Netherlands) is an entrepreneur and owner of DutchChain, one of the leading blockchain businesses in the Netherlands on a mission: improving society through blockchain based solutions. Its activities include developing software (as a service) solutions, organizing ecosystem events like the Dutch Blockchain Conference (one of the leading events in Europe) and a large scale open innovation programme: The Dutch Blockchain Hackathon (the largest in Europe).
Prior to founding DutchChain, Rutger has been active in the area of Blockchain and Bitcoin technology since 2010 and created online magazine early 2013. Shortly after this he introduced the first Bitcoin enabled Point of Sales system for bars/restaurants at the Bitcoin Café Groningen as well as the first hands free payment solution called EAZE, combining Bitcoin and Google Glass. In October 2014, Rutger co- produced and published the world famous 6 minute animation explaining the true value of the Blockchain.
Before, as a Business & Information Technology Management student at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences (Groningen), he was co-founder of online ticketing company and commercial director until 2008. In 2011 he was back at Hanze University to renew the complete internet, intranet and community system for over 3000 FTE and 26.000 students, using MS SharePoint 2013.

Faculty Teaser: Rutger van Zuidam

Plenary: Rutger van Zuidam - Founder of Dutchchain

(DutchChain) opens Regulatory Deep Dive at Dutch Central Bank

Odyssey - World's Biggest Blockchain Hackathon | Deep Dive Preview

Participating at Odyssey Hackathon 2019 - (Part 1)

Odyssey Ethical Deep Dive

Speaking Topics

  • Blockchain - beyond the hype

    Blockchain – beyond the hype – leveraging the commonization of our Digital Public Infrastructure
    Blockchain is a widely used technology that gained popularity over the last few years. What makes it so revolutionary? Rutger will introduce us to the concepts of blockchain and tell us why it’s all about Trust. He will share applications that are currently changing the world and elaborate on how blockchain will impact our lives, organizations and society in the future.

  • Blockchain - Co-creating digital public infrastructure for collaborative industries and open markets.

    Industrie 4.0
    – The relation between trust and collaboration
    – The fabric of Industry 4.0: Introduction to Digital Public Infrastructure and the role of blockchain and AI,
    – Collaborative industries and open markets: opportunities for growth & transformation
    – Incubating scalable “ecosystems”
    – Learnings from industrial-level explorations.
    – The next operating system for our society

  • Supply Chain

    Blockchain is a technology that has recently passed the peak of the hype cycle. What are the key insights? What makes it so revolutionary? Where to use it, and where not to use it? Rutger will introduce us to the concept of blockchain, digital public infrastructure, and explains us why it’s all about trust and collaboration.

    Perspective is brought from both the technological and human point of view. Because the world doesn’t need blockchain or AI perse. Rather it needs new ways of collaboration to address the challenges of the 21st century, whether they are societal or economical, on a global scale or within an industry. We are currently seeing public blockchain networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum enable new ways of collaboration and Rutger will explain how this can be applied in many other areas, from supply chain to the global sustainability goals.

    Rutger has worked with the European Commission and EUIPO – European Union Intellectual Property Office (Trade marks and designs) to discover solutions for “the next level anti-counterfeiting infrastructure”, closely linked to supply chain. He is also working with many corporate and governmental clients like KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, TVM Logistics Insurance on multiple solutions

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