Ryan Kushner

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Areas of Expertise

Energy  •  Opener / Closer  •  Moderator  •  Impact  •  GGC-Environment  •  Facilitator  •  Environment  •  Entrepreneurship  •  Corporate Innovation  •  Abundance

About Ryan

Ryan is an expert in energy and climate, with a particular focus on innovation ecosystem (incubators, accelerators, venture studios and prizes). He writes and speaks about the role of clean energy and the incredible, inevitable path to a world powered by 100% renewable energy. He is the author of “Accelerate This! A Super Not Boring Guide To Startup Accelerators And Clean Energy Entrepreneurship”, sponsored by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, World Wildlife Fund For Nature, and the California Clean Energy Fund (where he is the Expert In Residence). The book defines the field of accelerators and features Y Combinator, Techstars, 500 Startups, The Buckminster Fuller Institute and others fascinating programs from all around Spaceship Earth. In addition to energy, Ryan is also involved with accelerators and funds in clean meat/new protein, carbontech and oceantech.

Ryan Kushner (The Accelerator Guy) @ SXSW: Accelerators and the Inevitable Path To 100% Clean Energy

Speaking Topics

  • Accelerators

    What’s an accelerator? Incubator? What’s the difference? How does an accelerator actually work? Are they worth it for entrepreneurs, companies, and investors? What pieces of advice should ALL entrepreneurs know (according to the experts)?

    From this talk you’ll be able to:
    – Understand accelerators from the perspective of an entrepreneur, investor, organization, or government
    – Learn how to grow your idea into a business through Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas, Customer Development and more
    – Understand if an accelerator is right for you

  • Climate Science 101

    Are we going to be ok? How do we know what we know? What’s the history, and future?

  • The Inevitable Path To 100% Renewable Energy

    The Inevitable Path To 100% Renewable Energy (Sooner than you think… but not fast enough)

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