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Areas of Expertise

Internet of Things  •  Sensors  •  Data Science

About Sabine

Sabine Seymour, PhD, is a Singularity University expert in Data, Internet of Things (IoT) & Sensors.

As a technologist, economist and investor, she works with distributed technologies to develop new business models for data. Her venture SUPA® is democratizing healthcare. Her think tank MOONDIAL is the nexus between silicon and style™. She co-founded and joined the board of data cooperative polypoly.

She is a domain expert for Disney, NASA, Lufthansa and public speaker at TEDx, SXSW, Ars Electronica. Dr. Seymour was the inaugural professor of Fashionable Technology at Parsons School of Design and was Chair of the Rockefeller Foundation-funded Computational Fashion at Eyebeam. She authored three books and works on Notes from a Social Datavist™, received numerous awards, and was featured for her life’s work at the Museum of Applied Arts.

She is an avid snowboarder, skier, surfer, golfer – and sneakerhead, and built a helmet as a game controller in 1996.

How Can You Use Data to Monitor your Lifestyle? w/Sabine Seymour

Speaking Topics

  • How can you use data to monitor your lifestyle to boost your body's resilience against diseases? The future of epidemic resilience

    The session explains how individuals can monitor their personal health using biometric and environmental data by capturing data across various ecosystems of IoT devices. The focus is on food as medicine and sports as therapy. How can organizations use this contextualized data for digital real-world evidence to understand disease patterns or future epidemics without infringing the individual’s privacy (GDPR).

  • IoT & Data driven business models

    Internet of Things devices ranging from body centered wearables to sensors in smart cities are generating an enormous amount of data. The raw data is contextualized to provide insights for enterprises, governmental institutions, and non-profit organisations. The process of collecting and contextualizing the data is highly complex and expensive which requires funding to create size-able platform infrastructures that empower sustainable, GDPR compliant and ‘European standard’ social business models. Such new business models and funding structures need to empower citizens to gain financial value from their data, comply with GDPR, and regard the access to a digital infrastructure and data sovereignty as a human right.

  • The body as interface. GenZ and the impact of longitudinal lifestyle data on personalized healthcare

    Who is Generation Z and what are their health trends? GenZ makes up 40% of the world’s population and 31% use wearables in the USA. This raises the question of what is the connection between streetwear and data ethics? How can we measure the impact of the environment and the food we consume using IoT devices? The lecture will discuss how lifestyle data is the basis for the development of personalized medicine, creating engaging prevention programs, and products that promote our health. Sabine Seymour explains the playful collection of lifestyle data through biometric gamification without infringing on data sovereignty.

  • The economics of data sovereignty: Democratizing data

    More and more data of every single person is available in the digital sphere. However, the question can also be asked how this situation can be used productively and in a socially sustainable manner. In her lecture, Sabine Seymour explores the question of how data economy can strengthen social capitalism. She examines what new business models exist that use distributed technologies to democratize the ownership of data and use data for ever good purposes. Using the example of lifestyle data generated by Internet of Things devices (wearables, smart clothing), she shows how healthcare can be democratized and how biometric data can be used securely in the age of basic data protection regulations.

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