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Innovation Strategist, 10X Mindset Catalyzer, Moonshot Thinking

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About Sally

Sally Dominguez is an award-winning designer, inventor, educator and entrepreneur. An Australian living in the Bay Area, Sally’s skill is helping people realize their creative thinking potential and activating optimism and innovation. Sally spent six years judging invention on ABC TVs “New Inventors”, and is a co-host of the upcoming Foxtel show “Australias Greatest Inventions that Changed the World”. She has judged Car of the Year awards for Wheels magazine and is currently a cohost of the futurist podcast The Next Billion Cars. While working as an architect Sally invented the Nest highchair, now held in Australia’s Powerhouse Museum. In 2005 she designed the Rainwater HOG modular tank, pioneering a new structure in flat-walled water tanks, winning several international design awards and named one of the “Top 10 Green Building Products of 2008. In 2012 Sally was named one of Advance Australia’s “50 for the Future” entrepreneurs in the USA.

In 2012 Sally pioneered her ADVENTUROUS THINKING methodology, designed to promote the agile mindset needed for consistently innovative practices. Using Five Lenses to alternately converge and proliferate thinking, ADVENTUROUS THINKING enables users to think outside their default “expert” neural pathways, and re-ignite the curious mindset that is the key to consistent innovation. ADVENTUROUS THINKING has been used internationally by the Shenzhen government, Genentech, Sandisk, ClifBar and other corporates, runs every semester as a workshop at Stanford and was presented as part of the SXSW Frugal Innovation panel. Sally has taught ADVENTUROUS THINKING as a means to integrate innovation into the Australian school curriculum. Sally has degrees in Science and Architecture from the University of Sydney, and she was the first Australian (along with her navigator) to drive the epic Rallye de Gazelles across Morocco. Sally’s passion is inspiring optimism in others, driving fast and downhill skiing.

Innovator, Adventurous 10X Thinker

ADVENTUROUS THINKING Innovation CatalyzerJune 2017

Dubai is set to be at the fore of exponential thinking


Innovation Catalyser 2017

Adventurous Thinking

Sally Dominguez describing the 10X Mindset and Dubai

Testimonials from World Economic Forum Changemakers keynote 2018

On Thinking Creatively

Speaking Topics

  • Adventurous 10X Mindset activated talk

    Covers intro to Exponentials and the mindset needed for an exponential world, uses Adventurous Thinking lenses (Parkour for short talks, Parkour plus often ReThinking for longer) plus the Innovation Quadrant tool for mapping innovation. This talk not only describes the difference between linear and exponential thinking, it activates the 10X mindset using the extreme disruption lens of Parkour.

  • Adventurous Thinking workshop

    Adventurous Thinking workshop: runs as a 2 x 5 hr at Stanford each semester (1 credit course) and tailors down to a 1 or even 1/2 day workshop depending on whether one wants overview, product pipeline development or other insights. Presents the Five Lenses which use the theory of multiple intelligences to provoke users into a state of bearable discomfort and enable them deeper understanding and insights into their issues, and a plethora of unexpected possibilities and solutions.

  • Future of Mobility keynote

    Based on the NextBillionCars podcast interviews and research as well as my 10 years judging cars and researching design, sustainable materials and alternative energy drivetrains and trends. Why are we trending away from car ownership? is that trend a real reflection of the enduring expectation of families and older generations to own vehicles and fill them with stuff\? Where does the WUN (Working Urban Nomad, a new growing demographic identified by me during my IKEA 2030 research) fit into cities? A talk looking at the less talked about bleeding edge human side of future vehicles and technologies.

  • Intro to Exponentials

    The standard intro but adds mindset. Limited computer chip references compared to others.

  • Leadership in the Digital age keynote/activated talk

    Leading through transparency. Includes the CV of Failure exercise and how to model transparent leadership and incorporate failure into expectations and performance reviews.

  • Resilience

    Resilience, a new one covering sustainable cities and resilience at personal and building level as a necessary future competency. Still working on this but its born of my IKEA 2030 research and my background as architect and designer of tiny houses, modular living and decentralized energy.

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