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Entrepreneurship, Blockchain

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Areas of Expertise

Cryptocurrency  •  Entrepreneurship  •  Blockchain  •  Future of Work  •  Finance  •  Leadership  •  Disruption  •  Deep Learning  •  Corporate Innovation  •  Artificial Intelligence  •  Data Science

About Shuonan

Shuo Chen, General Partner of IOVC & Agile VC, CEO of Shinect (Silicon Valley-based non-profit community of 5,000+ engineers passionate about entrepreneurship), and Advisory Board Member of Yale School of Medicine’s Center for Digital Health & Innovation. She is also a Lecturer at UC Berkeley and Faculty at Singularity University.

In her venture role, Shuo has invested in companies now acquired by Goldman Sachs, Ford, Caterpillar, Binance and Dialpad. She has also helped 50+ startups globalize and expand into new markets, providing software for clients including Amazon, Apple, Google, Mercedes-Benz, NASA and Unilever among others.

Prior, Shuo worked at Goldman Sachs in investment banking, where she worked with clients including Alibaba and Tencent, as well as represented the firm on the Board of Women in Finance. Before that, Shuo was at PwC, where she worked on Google’s $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola and LinkedIn’s $119 million acquisition of SlideShare. Shuo has also co-authored a book on the use of technology in financial regulations published by Cambridge University Press in 2019.

Silicon Valley Business Institute | Blockchain | GDIS 2018 Panel Discussion PM

HaasX 2017: Perspectives from an Agile VC - Shuonan Chen, BS 13

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  • Smart Tourism

    As one of the major driving forces of economic growth around the world, tourism has been revolutionized by exponential technologies including AI, Blockchain and VR, particularly in terms of how destinations attract travelers and enhance visitor experience while improving returns and ensuring sustainability. The future of smart tourism depends on forward-thinking destinations that will leverage technology to develop innovative tools and approaches to improve the industry, from efficient resource management to integrated services. This talk covers the foundations of exponential technologies that impact smart tourism, the opportunities that technology brings for destinations, as well as the strategies that destinations can apply to successfully leverage exponential technologies to further develop smart tourism.

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