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Sid Vollebregt is a water enthusiast and clean-tech specialist on a mission to solve fresh water scarcity, using only the sea, sun, earth & wind.

He’s an engineer with a Master degree of the University of Technology in Delft, The Netherlands in Sustainable Energy Technology and Mechanical Engineering.

In 2012, Sid co-founded the organization Elemental Water Makers, who develop sustainable desalination technology to enable access to affordable freshwater using the sea & sun. Sid is the CEO of the company that is currently active in >10 countries on 5 continents. In 2017, Sid received the 1st prize of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Water Award from the Emir of Dubai for a project they executed on the British Virgin Islands. In 2019, his company was selected as Finalist for the Dutch National Icon. Sid has been listed 3 times in the list of Sustainable Young 100 and won several innovation, enterprise and pitch Awards.

In 2017, Sid co-founded the certified non-profit Elemental Water Foundation. He is currently the Chairman of the Foundation that has the goal to enable safe and affordable clean water for communities in developing countries that face water scarcity. Through his work, he visited over 50 water-scarce islands and regions and has presented on the subject of sustainable future water supply in front of policymakers in the Pacific, the Caribbean, and the Indian Ocean. Sid enjoys spending his free time surfing in the sea, sun & wind.

Z Talk - Elemental Water Makers - Sid Vollebregt

Ensuring fresh water today, without limiting tomorrow | Sid Vollebregt | TEDxAmsterdam

Speaking Topics

  • Surfing the Wave of Innovation

    What can happen if you find your passion and drive? As water enthusiast and clean-tech specialist, it’s Sid’s mission to be part of a sustainable solution for global water scarcity. In 2012, he developed a new technology to get fresh water from seawater using only the sun. His organization Elemental Water Makers is active in 10 countries across the globe and recently received the 1st prize of the MBR Global Water Award of the Emir of Dubai. Talking with tribal chiefs in Madagascar, Ministers in Cape Verde and private island owners on the British Virgin Islands, what does it take to start and grow a tech company?

  • The Future of Water

    What happens if we run out of the element that enables life? Already today, 2/3 of the world population faces water shortages. Through our food, products and energy, our water footprint stretches out further than we might realize. With water as a human right, it remains difficult to put a value and ownership on it.
    This century will be about technological advances to get access to more water out of unconventional sources, to re-use water and to increase efficiency. Through different examples of water challenges worldwide, we get a glimpse of the multi-stakeholder management our most precious resources.
    Will it be possible to move from scarcity to abundance?

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