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Areas of Expertise

Education  •  Leadership  •  Human Potential

About Terry

Terry is a Singularity University expert in Education, Leadership & Human Potential. He is a visionary and entrepreneur with 30 years’ experience in business leadership.

Skilled in scaling and growth. A global super-connector has the ability to attract, engage and collaborate with a diverse range of people. Terry is the master franchisor for BNI Portugal with annual sales of €140m.

Terry is an effective motivational communicator who has a flair for public speaking. Sought-after as an inspiring speaker, has given keynote talks in Asia, North and South America, Europa, Australia and Africa. He is passionate about education and entrepreneurship.

Professor at NOVA SBE teaching master students how to build their networking skills. Co-founder of The Brave generation entrepreneurs club for kids with partner Tim Vieira, inspiring young people to become who they want to be with confidence. Teaching the traits of the successful leaders that they don’t teach in school.

Meet Terry Hamill - SingularityU Portugal Faculty

Speaking Topics

  • Changing Lives

    You know when you change someone’s life for the better. That feeling leaves you with enormous pride and gratitude. Every time you speak you have the opportunity to shape someone’s life for the better. Take those opportunities and create a structure around your personal journey so that others can easily find their connection with you. Be clear about what you want so that those around you can jump in and build something very special. It starts with us, be good to yourself and benefit from being in the space of a leader where others feel safety. How can you impact the world? After this session you will have a clear direction of authentic leadership to create whatever you want whenever you want. You need to sell yourself whether it be to your family, team or shareholders. Do it well. Get organised and make an impact.

  • Flip it-Turn your life upside down and make it through the storm

    What if your negative stressful situation could be flipped on its head in an instant. The concept of flip it is a technique we have used for years to take any situation and turn it around. You know when sometimes there is simply no road ahead and suddenly you find yourself out of the trouble. Life has a unique way of coping with these situations. Flip it is within us. There are those who love to live the life in half-full, where others who live in half-empty. After this session you will know what is missing to make flip it work for you. In teams we find by letting the stress go and bringing in others to collaborate the problem leaves fast. Be great to yourself, you deserve to be happy.

  • Leadership and Human Potential

    Being vulnerable as a leader is becoming a trait that teams are looking for. How to create the right balance of your communications in this area is essential. You want to share who you are, what you do and most importantly why you are connected to your cause. When you create thie and perfect it you will see an exponential increase in growth within the organisation and those around you. No matter your situation everyone has their defining story. My task is to get that out of you and help you deliver it in such a way that you attract the right people who will be more connected to you.

    After this session you will learn how to use a story to create a plan for growth. It could be sales, could be recruitment or you are pitching an idea to a crowd. Release your human potential and inspire others within your company to do the same and watch the politics, dynamics and stress disappear. It’s ok it took me 43 years to perfect my story so that I can help you with yours.

  • The impact of stress in organizations

    Stress is good, it is the signal of an emotion that change is about to happen. Of course, we deal with it in many ways. After the stress comes the waves of endorphins. How can we adjust within your company to handle stress in ways that bring everyone together? Just being aware that we are now in STRESS MODE LEVEL 5 the organisation can tackle it and make it work to your advantage.

    Don’t be alone, see stress as a great thing and remember that the good times will be after the stress is managed well. Have fun, do crazy out of the box thinking and continue to grow and learn from this current short-term issue. There are those who survive and those who drown in the stress. Find the perfect balance of personality types to get you out of the situation fast.

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