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Future Studies

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Future Forecasting  •  Opener / Closer

About Tiago


Recognized as one of the most prominent Brazilian futurists, Tiago is a faculty member at Singularity University (USA), as well as a former guest lecturer at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University (Israel) and University of Lisbon (Portugal).

He has already presented his ideas throughout four continents, being invited in 2018 to share his vision of the future at the UN, in Geneva.

As an entrepreneur, he co-founded a great diversity of new-economy startups, such as big data labs, digital platforms, coworking spaces, accelerators, in-class interaction apps, innovation schools, among others.

As an author, he had his book listed as one of the top sellers in its first week of sales. Also, during the year of 2018, Tiago was a permanent columnist for Época Negócios magazine.

In 2020, Tiago was invited to be a part of the Brazilian edition of Letter To My Younger Self, along with Paul McCartney, Jamie Oliver, Ariana Huffington, Ozzy Osbourne, Danny DeVito.

Currently, Tiago is one of the leaders of Aerolito: A laboratory for exploring futures scenarios.
His studies are directed mainly to digital culture, the future of work and new technologies.

During the past year, Tiago and Aerolito have presented their ideas to the international board of companies such as Ambev/ Inbev, Pepsico, Unilever, Tetrapak, Nestlé, Azul, Electrolux, and others.

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