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Areas of Expertise

Future of Work  •  Customer Experience  •  Leadership  •  Artificial Intelligence

About Tiajo

Tiago Forjaz is a Singularity University expert in Leadership, Talent, Transformation & Future of Work. He is a renown Executive Coach, Facilitator, and Leadership Development Consultant, as well as the Chief Dream Officer of MighT – Talent Strategists. Tiago has worked on several transformation projects, ranging from envisioning the future, new business model discovery journey’s to cultural definition challenges, with companies such as Philip Morris (IQO’s), Index, Aon, GroupM (WPP) EDP and Sonae.

Tiago was the founding member of the Portuguese Talent Foundation and the – The Star Tracker – the mashable-award-winning social network of global Portuguese talents that connects over 35,000 talented Portuguese citizens in over 256 cities of the world. From 2004 to 2010, Tiago founded and led Jason Associates, an innovative Talent Advisory firm and previously worked as an executive-search consultant at Heidrick & Struggles and Michael Page International.

Tiago Forjaz is a TEDx Speaker, an CCL – Center for Creative Leadership Associate, part of the Portuguese faculty of Singularity University, and an invited teacher and frequent keynote speaker on topics related to Talent, Transformation, Collaboration, Exponential Leadership, Entrepreneurship and The Future of Work.

He holds a degree in Economics and a Portuguese passport but was born and lived in South Africa until he was 13 years old, so Tiago speaks native English and Portuguese and fluent Spanish.

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Speaking Topics

  • Challenging our Future

    The future depends only on us. Work in the future will be more technological and more collaborative, but not with less human intervention. In this talk, Tiago defends the need to collaborate more and more, work in teams and add points of view instead of dividing them, not least because true diversity is cognitive.

  • Discovering your Talent-preparing for the future

    This talk explores how data and technology are paving the way to navigating career paths and reskilling strategies, why increasing collaboration is making it more critical for people to identify and use their talents in ideal roles, and how to discover their talents and improve their efforts to prepare for the future of work.

  • Hacking Collaboration

    Collaboration is probably the most important factor for the success of the modern organization. As excellence is just the “ticket to entry” in any industry and teams grow in size and diminish in tenure, organizations need to hack the science behind collaboration, not only at the organization level but also within performing teams. In this talk, leaders will understand how to shift to the next level of collaboration.

  • Realizing Talent In the Skills Economy

    Shifting into the skills economy requires companies (and leaders) to understand that people analytics will play an important role in harvesting human potential, but only true passion can fuel the creation of new professions and sustain the evolution of our societies and economies. In this talk the author will explore the possibilities of realizing and developing talent in the exponential era and share examples of organizations that thrive on stepping into the future.

  • Synergic Leadership For Exponential Times

    Leadership has always been contextual, which is why the digital revolution we are experiencing requires us to lead differently. In this workshop, learn to lead using technology to deal with disruption, to envision leadership in an era when data can help us lead people inside and outside the organization, and synchronize people to achieve business success. This content is promoted jointly and exclusively with Singularity University.

  • The Future of Work

    This content was developed to go beyond the reflection of the impact that robots can have in the world of work and build an ideal strategy to develop our career and our work in the future.

  • Transformation in Exponential Times

    In the post-pandemic world, the buzzword “innovation” has suddenly given way to “transformation”. As organizations realize their need to transform their business models and work strategies at the speed of light, the understanding of transformation as a phenomenon becomes crucial. In this talk, we explain why organizational transformation depends on personal transformation, and how leaders can spark, inspire and sustain transformation as an ongoing capability for their people and organizations.

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