Dr. Vasco Pedro


Artificial Intelligence

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Areas of Expertise

Entrepreneurship  •  Customer Experience  •  Artificial Intelligence

About Vasco

Vasco Pedro is a Singularity University expert in Artificial Intelligence & Entrepreneurship. He is a co-founder and CEO of Unbabel, a company that removes language barriers by blending artificial intelligence with real time, human translations.

He developed his love of both languages and technology during his time at Carnegie Mellon University. After a degree in language and knowledge learning, Vasco went on to develop his Masters and then Doctorate around the topic of Language Technologies – an academic study that covered over a decade of research. Vasco then worked at both Siemens and Google where he helped develop technologies to further understand data computation and language at scale.

It was at this stage Vasco yearned to become an entrepreneur. After founding two startups, he went on to co-found Unbabel in 2013. Vasco’s knowledge of bridging both language and technology is at the core of everything that is built at Unbabel.

He is bilingual in Portuguese and English and speaks enough Japanese to order a round of sake.

SU Global Summit 2019 | Solving Today's Problems with AI

Meet Vasco Pedro - SingularityU Portugal Faculty

Speaking Topics

  • Building Unbiased AI

    It is crucial to prevent AI from learning from our biases, otherwise, the blueprint of AI will breed inequality. To eliminate biases in algorithms and AI systems, AI teams need to be more diverse and AI systems need to be tested for biases. This talk explores the biases of Artificial Intelligence, how to test and eliminate the boundaries of human limits, and their advantages for businesses when combined with each other.

  • Getting Real with AI: Combining Human and AI Models

    AI will augment, not replace, humans. As repeatable tasks are offloaded to machines, the human brain will be freed up to work on solving problems that require contextual understanding.

  • How AI Can Eliminate the World's Language Barrier

    In 1997 80% of the internet was in English. Now only 20% of the internet is in English, leaving 80% of the internet untapped by English speaking businesses. Language of business is diversifying and it is crucial for businesses to be multilingual, otherwise, language will become a barrier for global enterprises and their growth.

  • The Impact of a Global Pandemic on Customer Service Verticals

    Trends in customer service: who is winning and who is losing. Insights on the trends for customer service activity that we are observing within different industries in our days.

  • Use Your Brain: Future of Language and Conversations

    Brain to computer interface — humans will be able to have conversations by thinking.

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