Will Weisman

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Executive Director, Global Summit and Industry Summits

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About Will

Will is an Executive Director at Singularity University where he has led the creation and management of the company’s large programs including the Global Summit, Industry Summits (Exponential Medicine, Exponential Manufacturing, and Exponential Finance) and International Summits. He is passionate about people and ideas and has spent his life working to bring them together to help curate great opportunities and experiences.

Will’s background leading, investing in, and advising technology and consumer product companies has enabled him to acquire a unique blend of operational, investment and entrepreneurial experience. He has previously been a venture capitalist at Foundation Capital and Maveron, an operator at Intuit and World Wrapps and is currently an active investor having been involved with companies such as SuccessFactors, OpenTable, and Zappos earlier in his career. Will currently invests out of KittyHawk Ventures a late seed and series A focused tech fund that includes companies like Ripcord, Jetti Resources, 1Qbit, Vim, and OpenWater among its portfolio.

Among his most unusual accomplishments is that Will created and popularized the wrap, yes, the burrito like thing at a 30 unit restaurant chain he founded called World Wrapps.

Will received his MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and has a BA from University of California at Santa Barbara.

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