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'The Awesome Show': Chris Hardwick and NBC Team Up On Another Series

April 4, 2017

Chris Hardwick is on a role and in demand these days. The ever-present host, familiar to anyone who watches AMC, Comedy Central's @midnight or the new NBC game show The Wall, will lead yet another series with the six-episode order for The Awesome Show. The show, in partnership with Silicon Valley institution Singularity University, will showcase the scientific and technological advances aimed at shaping the future — while celebrating its many players.

Chris Hardwick & Mark Burnett Team On ‘The Awesome Show’ For NBC

April 4, 2017

NBC has ordered six episodes of sci-tech series The Awesome Show, from Chris Hardwick and Mark Burnett, with Hardwick, founder and CEO of Nerdist and host of NBC’s hit game show The Wall, as host.

NBC Orders Awesome Science Series

April 4, 2017

US network NBC has ordered a new science show from producer Mark Burnett, US comedian and presenter Chris Hardwick and Silicon Valley tech outfit Singularity University.

Chris Hardwick to Host ‘The Awesome Show’ on NBC

April 4, 2017

Comedian Chris Hardwick will executive produce, develop and host science and technology-oriented The Awesome Show on NBC. The program showcases “the groundbreaking scientific and technological advances that are shaping the future, as well as celebrate the pioneers and communities at the forefront of this golden age of unprecedented discovery, innovation and opportunity,” according to the network.

Chris Hardwick to Host Science Series ‘The Awesome Show’ on NBC

April 4, 2017

Chris Hardwick will host and executive produce a new alternative series called “The Awesome Show” for NBC, the network announced Tuesday.

Chris Hardwick and NBC Partner on Another Series, 'The Awesome Show'

April 4, 2017

The host of 'The Wall' teams up with Mark Burnett for his second NBC show, a six-episode exploration of science and technology.

Here Are the Frontier Startups that Presented at Singularity University’s Third Demo Day

March 31, 2017

The nine startups participating in Singularity University’s accelerator program presented this afternoon at Moffett Federal Airfield just outside Mountain View, CA. Singularity University, founded in 2008 by Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil, aims to make it more feasible for people to address hard science problems and those that require a global reach.

Google Makes AI Talent Play with Kaggle Buy

March 16, 2017

If you're a company entrenched in an arms race for artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, you could do worse than tapping into a pool of thousands of data scientists to augment your digital products and services.

Why Taco Bell Killed the Secret Machine that Makes 900 Tacos per Hour

March 14, 2017

If the top floors of Taco Bell's international headquarters in Irvine, California, operate like Willy Wonka's whimsical factory and give rise to some of the world's most adventurous food creations, the basement is more like the warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Think Twice Before You Hire a Chief AI Officer

March 7, 2017

AI will become so instrumental to corporate revenue growth that businesses should hire a chief artificial intelligence officer to spearhead AI initiatives, says Andrew Ng, who drives global AI strategy at Chinese search giant Baidu. Not so fast, says Neil Jacobstein, chair of artificial intelligence and robotics at Singularity University, who isn't a fan of companies centralizing leadership for AI functions.