Ben Bode

Creative Director

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Ben Bode is Creative Director for Singularity. He is responsible for the creation of Singularity’s creative content, and video brand management.  

Ben believes that story has the power to manifest a better world. This is particularly true for Singularity where we endeavor to take action now to impact a billion people. Obviously, this is a tremendous challenge, but video is a critical tool in this process because it allows us literally see what a better world can look like. This is valuable because if can first see it, then we become more likely to achieve our goal of real impact. 

Ben is additionally the executive producer of IdeaFront, Singularity’s video channel dedicated to telling stories of the future, technology, science, and entrepreneurship. At IdeaFront we know that there are individuals and organizations doing amazing things to impact a better future—we want to tell those stories. If your company would like to get involved in sponsoring an IdeaFront original video series pleased do not hesitate to reach out to learn more. 

On a personal level Ben is has a passion for the bleeding edge technologies that will continue to change our world like fusion energy, CRISPR, and exotic propulsion devices. Ben also is a narrative filmmaker and working on his own short film about the technological singularity called Bizzy And The AIMES.