Bohdanna Kesala

Managing Director, Partnerships

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Bohdanna is the Managing Director of Partnerships at Singularity Group. She is responsible for activating Singularity’s international network of partners and influencers in an effort to deliver products and experiences to future-minded global leaders.

She also oversees the execution of Global Licensing Singularity’s International Summits, impacting and educating over 100,000 people on exponential technology and how to use that technology to solve the world’s largest challenges.

Bohdanna works with partners from all over the globe, including South Africa, India, Western and Eastern Europe, Canada, Central America, Asia, and South America. Between 2016 – 2019 Bohdanna managed 45 summits around the world. Her talent lies in her ability to build strong relationships, respect regional traditions, and customs, all the while empowering her partners to engage with all sections of government, including Presidents and Prime Ministers, C suite management of Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, NGO’s, and students.

Prior to Singularity, Bohdanna worked for Peter Thiel at The Thiel Foundation, as a member of The Thiel Fellowship team, managing dozens of projects including CNBC Transforming Tomorrow, a documentary focused on the Thiel Fellowship and the series ‘Teen Technorati’ showcasing Fellows from The Thiel Fellowship. Bohdanna was also one of the architects of The Thiel Foundation Summit; a bi-annual assembly of young entrepreneurs and visionaries from around the world.

And, while working at Singularity, Bohdanna devotes time to her painting career, exhibiting her work in the US and internationally. Bohdanna holds an M.F.A from San Francisco State University, a Post-Baccalaureate certificate from California College of the Arts, and a B.S. from Indiana University – Bloomington.