Imogen Speer

Design Lead, SU Labs

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In her recent career as a Creative Content Designer, Imogen has specialized in concept design and commercial illustration, prototyping, fabrication, and workshop facilitation. She has over a decade of experience in individual and group ideation, including visual artifacts, physical prototypes, experiential installations, and lo-fi wearables. Trained in the New York advertising world, Imogen is also an expert in the power of narrative. Exciting recent projects have included comic book development and illustration for NEC and Lockheed Martin, concept design for Cirque du Soleil, and film concepts and storyboards for screenwriter Nicole Perlman.

As a Design Lead for the Innovation & Design team, Imogen helps facilitate Science Fiction and Disruption workshops by challenging key perspectives and pushing abstract connections. Additionally, she creates concept art and designs for new tech and environments, and is a key member of SU Labs’ prototyping team, designing form and function for both products and experiences.

Imogen is also an active member of the Bay Area arts collective Five Ton Crane, collaborating on large scale sculptures and installations, and has had her artwork displayed in the Oakland and Cincinnati Museums, as well as the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian. She has survival spooned in the Mongolian Taiga, ridden a motorcycle for 20 years, and is currently a lecturer with Odd Salon. She also takes Halloween very seriously.