Jason Dorrier

Editorial Director

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Jason began his career doing research and writing about financial markets and economic trends for a Bay Area asset management firm. He oversaw the production of quarterly client communications and other research content and helped write and edit a line of investment books published by Wiley. After a stint as a freelance science and technology writer—a lifelong passion and a focus in university—he joined Singularity Hub and Singularity Group.

These days, Jason manages Singularity Hub and develops content for Singularity Group’s enterprise business. Founded in 2008, Singularity Hub reaches a wide audience of entrepreneurs, scientists, technologists, and tech enthusiasts and explores the science and technology trends shaping the future. Jason has edited and written about a diverse range of topics—from virtual reality to neuroscience and robotics—but he is especially interested in artificial intelligence, computing, and space exploration.

Jason grew up on the move, never living anywhere for more than a few years, and is apt to find any excuse to go traveling. These days, he lives in Santa Cruz, California with his wife and daughter. Sometimes he takes a surfboard into the ocean, attempts to catch waves, and occasionally succeeds. He loves reading and learning surprising new things about the world, doing just about anything outside, listening to and playing music, and seeing live shows.