Jenny Wright

Experience & Design Manager

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For nearly 15 years, Jenny worked as a Content Management Consultant helping businesses and organizations across the globe develop effective content strategies. During that time, she focused on instructional design and educational content, developing programs that served a wide variety of audiences from preschoolers to CEOs. Jenny has had the privilege of contributing to a number of impact-driven projects including XR training accessibility, First Nations inherent rights governance, and youth community engagement, the latter of which received the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award, the nation’s highest honor for youth programs.

As the Experience & Design Manager for Singularity University, she uses her passion for impact, extensive knowledge of learning design, and content management expertise to design and develop learning paths, modules, and educational experiences. Jenny’s goal is to ensure every person who engages with SU’s educational content walks away inspired by the possibilities of exponential technology and confident in their ability to make an impact and be a part of creating a better future.

Outside of work (and sometimes during work), you’ll likely find Jenny watching birds. When not distracted by identifying birds, she can be found obsessing about taxonomy, pondering how to archive the massive amounts of data in the world, and playing walking simulators. She is also a disability advocate and is a member of several organizations that work to raise awareness about the social model of disability and improve accessibility and inclusivity for all.