Joanna Hildebrand

Design Lead

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As Design Lead in SU’s Innovation Lab, Joanna works with enterprise companies and startups to deliver 10X design sprints among other programs. She is focused on developing ideas, building prototypes, and commercializing breakthrough technological innovation.

Joanna is an Industrial Designer/User Experience Designer and has collaborated on and launched a variety of products over the past 13 years. She has worked with large fortune 500 companies such as Vanity Fair and JanSport, where she started the Innovation Program within the JanSport brand. She spent several years at Bay Area design consultancies such as Frog Design and Lunar Design working on electronics products as well as wearables. Before joining SU she worked with startups on the cutting edge of innovation such as Seismic (a robotics/apparel company) and RecoverX (medical devices for injury recovery). She has led a hackathon at the MIT Media Lab and Design Thinking workshops at VF. Her approach is angled toward bringing products to market, and therefore she is very hands on in building prototypes, fine tuning ideas, and leveraging exponential technology for maximum positive impact.

Joanna began her training in Design Thinking at Yale University, where she was a double major in Sculpture and Pre-Medicine. She then went on to earn a second degree in Industrial Design from California College of the Arts where she graduated with distinction.