Kate Sassoon

Director, Community

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Kate “Sassy” Sassoon has spent the last decade building her passion for efficient, effective and equitable communication into a thriving consultancy which offers facilitation, training and organizational design to innovative organizations. She has developed transformative communication and decision making structures for countless organizations, and is known for her inspiring, irreverent, and unexpectedly empowering processes. She holds two degrees from UC Berkeley (one in Ecological Sustainability and another in Theatre and Performance) – and if she learned one thing from that time it’s the surprising power of cross-fertilization.

The boundaries between us are often seen as insurmountable walls, but Sassy sees them as ecotones – as the most productive zones in the biosphere, as the precise place where communities connect, discover, and thrive exponentially. She brings these perspectives, processes, and a whole lot of passion to her work as Senior Community Program Manager at SU.

Sassy collects skills, hobbies, and communities like they’re going out of style. When not working with SU you can find her climbing tall trees, manufacturing couture clothing, designing communication workshops, choreographing guerilla performance, practicing her Mandarin, or building DIY projects with her wife.  She delights in deep questions, unexpected connections, and doing well by doing good.