Kirill Satanovsky

Program Manager, SU Ventures

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Kirill is the Program Manager of SU Ventures at Singularity University, where he runs the Incubator program. He works with each company to help them grow, leveraging exponential technology to empower them to change the world. He will also be facilitating and iterating upon SU Ventures programs, events, and engagements for entrepreneurs, and guiding large, complex projects to successful completion. From an early age, he saw the transformative effect technology can have and has been closely following the innovations in science and technology, eagerly awaiting the next big breakthrough.

He joined Singularity University as a seasoned event professional, with over 4 years of large scale event management experience, including SF Sketchfest, Dreamforce, Google I/O and many others. He is the Co-founder of HackingEDU, the World’s Largest Education Hackathon, and has a diverse background ranging from Recruiting to Home Automation and everything in between.

Kirill received his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology & Neuroscience from McGill University, where he performed ground-breaking neurobiology research on Xenopus Tadpoles. He was raised in New York City but was born in Ukraine and speaks fluent Russian. He is an avid snowboarder, frequenting Tahoe as much as possible during the winter months, and also enjoys hiking, ultimate frisbee, volleyball and making music.