Kirk Nankivell

Kirk Nankivell

Website Manager

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Kirk is a futurist with a keen interest in machine learning and artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, space exploration, and interplanetary economics. You can typically find him “on the line” or somewhere outdoors doing adventurous things such as spearfishing, snowboarding, backpacking, kite boarding, and many other adrenaline inducing activities.

Before joining SU, Kirk started his own futurology website called Futuristech.Info. After running the site for over 4 years as a mostly one-man team, he decided it was time to take his skills to the next level and help bolster Singularity Hub.

He graduated from Pepperdine University in Malibu with a B.S. in International Business. Kirk has always been a techie and a lover of science since a young age.