Lisa Pereira

Faculty Relations Coordinator

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At Singularity, Lisa works as Faculty Relations Coordinator where she puts together a bi-weekly newsletter for faculty, assists with EP programs, customs, and faculty recruiting. She’s excited to be part of an organization that addresses some of humanity’s grand challenges.

Lisa is passionate about technology, innovation and learning. Prior to SU, she taught technology for the K-12 classroom for teachers in a credential program. She also worked in a public school for seven years teaching English, Journalism and Leadership to high school students as well as organizing and facilitating school activities and clubs. Prior to teaching, she was an assistant at Stanford’s Center for Innovation and Learning.

Her MA degree in Humanities took her to a year of studies and research in Rio de Janeiro where she wrote about Chiquinha Gonzaga and the nationalization of Brazilian music. For her undergrad, in the Liberal Arts, she spent a year in the south of France studying in French literature and theatre. She continues to expand her passions and interests on various topics such as sustainability, design, neuroscience, literacy, child hunger, gardening, etc.