Mikhail Holst

Portfolio Manager, SU Ventures

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Mikhail is the Portfolio Manager for SU Ventures. As a bay area native he’s lived through the dot com boom and bust, human genome project, and growth of tech entrepreneurship. Mikhail studied anthropology and computer science and is deeply passionate about how technology affects human culture and society as a force for solving problems.

Prior to SU he worked in a variety of industries from biotech and NASA Ames. Mikhail joined SU in the Summer of 2012 to help build out the very first SU Labs programs and has helped run admissions and operations for four startup accelerators.

Currently Mikhail’s role at SU is to source and select new startups to join SU Ventures and keep them plugged into SU’s ecosystem. In his five years at SU he’s reviewed thousands of startups and SU has built a portfolio of 52 companies that have raised over $200M. As a moderator Mikhail has hosted groups of entrepreneurs from around the world to help them learn about the history of the Bay Area, Singularity University, and the Silicon Valley approach to entrepreneurship.