Nuri Djavit

Chief Marketing Officer

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As a strategic brand, product, and marketing executive, Nuri has helped more than 100 start-ups to Fortune 500 company executive and senior management teams build or expand their businesses across EMEA, APAC, and North and Latin America. As a first-mover in digital, he’s also led the development, launch, and marketing of 200+ retail, consumer, and enterprise products—contributing to $2.5B+ in aggregate revenue and $8B in aggregate acquisitions across luxury, sports & entertainment, eCommerce, tech and automotive.

Positioned in London, New York, Los Angeles, and now splitting his time between Silicon Valley and Los Angeles, he’s had a unique hand in globally shifting digital marketing from cost to profit-center—customizing and automating creative, operational and workforce processes and systems to meet the demands needs of today’s rapidly changing business. 

At Singularity, he’ll be leading the brand through a transformation of its business model and helping the team connect with organizations to positively impact people around the world.