Stacy Maldonado

Stacy Maldonado

Senior Events Manager, Custom & Special Events

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As a Senior Events Manager, Stacy Maldonado manages and executes custom & special events, ensuring an excellent participant experience. She also co-chairs the SU Women’s Impact Network, a global women’s initiative that aims to create a community of women who have access to the development and tools that enable them to reach their highest potential, setting the standard for gender equity and empowerment in all of SU’s work.

She has previously held roles as the Program Manager, Operations Manager and Speaker Manager for the former Global Solutions Program (GSP) at SU. Previous to Singularity University, Stacy managed Casa Joaquin, a multi-ethnic residential leadership program for UC Berkeley students, as well as supported the HOPE Leadership Institute, a statewide leadership program for women who aspire to run for office in California.

Stacy moved to the Bay Area from Los Angeles to attend UC Berkeley, where she earned a degree in American Studies with an emphasis on Consumer Society & Globalism. Stacy believes in everyone’s personal and professional potential, and especially enjoys working to empower low-income communities, and communities of color.

In her free time, Stacy loves to paint, complete puzzles and explore the outdoors. Her all time favorite things to do are to laugh and spend time with her furry Mini Schnazuer, Bailey. Stacy has always loved to travel, and has completed a 3 month solo trip through Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil. She hopes to continue to explore the world.