Steven Parton

Digital Community Manager

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Since studying artificial intelligence and computer programming at university (class of 2008), Steven Parton has been obsessed with understanding how technology is impacting the human condition and society as a whole. This has resulted in over a decade of experience as an independent psychology and neuroscience researcher, the lessons of which he’s channeled through numerous articles, podcasts, on-stage plays, and science fiction novels. In cultivating these passions, he quickly realized the incredible inspiration and meaningful, life-enriching connection that comes from building communities around shared interests and goals. 

Since 2013, Steven has run several communities, both online and in-person. This includes his psychology and philosophy media organization, Curious Apes, as well as his non-profit, ProjectConnect, which matches technologists, artists, and government officials together to fund projects meant to solve issues in his hometown of Portland, Oregon. 

Although he previously led Portland’s SU Chapter and created content for Singularity University in 2018, Steven officially joined SU in the fall of 2020 as a Digital Community Manager. In this role, Steven ensures a positive experience for the tens of thousands of digital community members SU has around the world. In addition to acting as a steward for the community, he regularly curates and creates discussion-driven content, which includes hosting events and podcasts that provide opportunities for meaningful connection amongst members. In his free time, you can find him breakdancing, playing video games, or riding his bike in the rain.