Thomas Kriese

Vice President of SU Ecosystems

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Thomas Kriese has been designing and managing the way people interact online for close to 20 years, from the early years of modem-accessed bulletin board systems to today’s platforms that link, tweet, pin and like.

At SU, Thomas heads up the community development and engagement efforts globally. He is responsible for refining and executing on our global community strategy, and working collaboratively with the local community leadership around the world. He represents the community and its interests inside the wider organization and is creating a scalable infrastructure for growth and build out.

After cutting his online teeth in early-90s San Francisco, he went to work for America Online in 1996 designing content programming models before launching AOL Hometown, the member-created home pages community. Thomas joined the AOL Time Warner Foundation in 2000 to help grantees incorporate technology and online communities into their work, and then came back west to the Bay Area to work as executive producer for Omidyar Network running its experimental online community. Since 2009, he has been helping his consulting clients harness the problem-solving power within their online communities and networks.

Thomas has a degree in Linguistics from the University of California at San Diego. When he’s not spending quality time with his three kids, you can find him swimming, biking and running his way into fitness. And yes, he’s the urban chicken guy.