Ty Henkaline

Managing Director, Data and Insights

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Ty Henkaline is Singularity University’s Managing Director of Data and Insights. At SU Ty leads the development of DASH — a platform that enables SU customers to leverage the power of the SU community in order to better envision the future impact of exponential technologies on their businesses.

Ty believes that data science is best when it is preceded by thoughtful design, when it is comprised of simple but powerful solutions, and when it is transformational to a business.

Ty is a serial data science solution, team, and business builder. Ty started out his career building data science solutions for a large financial services firm, and then for a small startup that was quickly acquired by eBay.  After that he began building data science teams of increasing size and scope. He built his first data science team for a company aspiring to be the first social network built entirely for entrepreneurs. Next, he co-built an enterprise-level team for a large regional retail bank. Most recently, he built a team and business unit for a first-of-its-kind seven-company partnership focused on accelerating the integration of data science into each of their companies.

Ty is an internationally recognized data science thought leader, speaker, and consultant. Ty has delivered invited presentations at the International Institute of Analytics symposium, at the international UseR! conference, at the Joint Statistical Meetings, and for several universities. Ty’s teams have written some of the most valuable open-source data science software available today.

Ty holds master’s degrees in applied statistics and in psychology from the Ohio State University. Ty lives with his wife and their three children in Granville, Ohio. Ty enjoys spending time with his family, tinkering with technology, and traveling.