Vanessa Bates Ramirez

Senior Editor

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Vanessa is Senior Editor of Singularity Hub. She researches and writes about cutting-edge developments in science and technology, with some of the topics that most intrigue her including biotechnology and genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, energy, and tech as it relates to or impacts geopolitics, sustainable development, and food and agriculture.

Vanessa started her career in the finance field but decided to pivot and pursue her passion for writing. After going back to school for an MFA from Northwestern University, she got her foot in the door doing healthcare and medical writing. Prior to joining Singularity, she worked as a science writer in Thermo Fisher Scientific’s gas chromatography and mass spectrometry division. Her creative writing has been published online and in print journals.

She is a travel and outdoor sports enthusiast and loves rock climbing, surfing, hiking, skiing, and cycling. She’s also a native Spanish speaker and an ever-improving salsa dancer.