Introducing SU’s Global Startup Program: A New Starting Place for an Abundant Future

Global grand challenges. Moonshot thinking. 10X improvements. A better and more equitable future for all.

If you spend much time with the Singularity University community, you’ll notice an audacity in the large numbers, bold concepts, and projects discussed. But that’s no accident, and it’s not driven by a desire to shock people or gain attention. It’s designed to help create a culture to launch startups that are not just the engines of our economy, but engines of a much brighter global future.

The culture is mission-driven, and the mission is to help build more than 10,000 global, billion-scale organizations in the next 10 years to address the world’s global grand challenges. That’s why I am so excited to introduce Singularity University’s re-imagined the Global Startup Program (GSP)—the program I attended in 2014 that fired my passion for innovation and led me to join SU. Now I’m honored to be vice president of SU Ventures and lead this program that SU Co-founder and Chancellor Ray Kurzweil calls “the heart and soul of SU.”

The GSP shows entrepreneurs how exponential technologies are accelerating and converging over time, and how that creates entirely new markets and opportunities. Then we get entrepreneurs and founders thinking about global markets, and how to scale to serve a billion people.

Monique Giggy, Rob Nail, Peter Diamandis, and two alumni unveil the new GSP at SU Global Summit

That’s why we’re proud to introduce the upcoming cohort of GSP, which includes three parts:

GSP Activate: With four-week sessions scheduled at locations around the world, the Activate phase enables entrepreneurs to assess global grand challenges, push their minds to solve the greatest issues facing our planet, and evolve their communication and storytelling skills.

GSP Accelerate: Following a four-week break where participants can reconnect with their teams to collaborate and galvanize support around their grand visions, the group reconvenes in Silicon Valley for an additional four weeks. That time is used to collaborate, create prototypes, and work through how to support and launch global startup initiatives.

GSP Connect: The GSP program continues for one year with virtual access to SU digital courses, webinars, virtual meetups, and networking. This includes online sessions with SU faculty, staff, and mentors—including Ray Kurzweil and SU Executive Founder and Director Peter H. Diamandis. The community also includes people and resources in SU’s nearly 200,000 community members in 127 countries around the world.

Drilling in progress by a man

“The new GSP is a thoughtful reimagination and re-creation of a program that’s evolved over the years to help startups achieve more than they ever intended,” says Peter Diamandis. “The message I’m trying to spread is that the world’s biggest problems are the world’s biggest business opportunities. To become a billionaire, help a billion people. I think those will be mantras of the companies attending this program.”

One indication of this program’s influence is its lasting effect on participants. That also includes CEO and Associate Founder Rob Nail, who joined Singularity University’s leadership after attending the program in 2011.

“From my own experience, I know startups leave this program with a new mindset,” said Nail. “What we do well is bring 10x moonshot thinking to organizations. We help them take what they’re good at, and envision new horizons and a totally different scale. Then we plug them into the resources, the network, and the tools they need to operate at that elevated scale. People leave with a different horizon than what they were capable of before.”

Ready? Learn more learn more about GSP in this short video, or dive into the GSP Journey details here.