Singularity University is our community, and we’re incredibly fortunate to have so many dedicated, passionate, and talented leaders in our orbit who create wonderful programming and activities in their communities. Here are but a few members of local leadership who, through their tireless efforts, are helping to create a more abundant future for us all.

SingularityU Vienna Chapter
petra hauser headshot

“I decided to apply for leading a Chapter because experiencing the Executive Program changed my attitude from perceiving digital change to creating and supporting digital change. I see my role to be a facilitator for business people, scientists, politicians and start-ups in exploring exponential technology applications. To me the Chapter means being connected globally to people sharing an exponential mindset. Being part of a smart crowd working on grand challenges. Markus and I share the role of the Ambassador. We work closely as the core team of the Vienna Chapter and we also share the lead of the different salons we organize.”

— Petra Hauser

Markus Heingaertner

“As an Ambassador of the Vienna Chapter, I am trying to bring this mindset to my hometown. To me, the Chapter means being in touch with the global community of the Singularity University, with like-minded people all over the world. It also means being up to date with latest technological advances and passing on that knowledge to my local community. I am always learning from the different perspectives every team member brings in. Technology really helps to keep together a team of volunteers!”

— Markus Heingaertner

Singularity San Francisco Chapter

“Bringing other people from outside the SU community and putting them in contact with exponential technologies for the greater good, is what this Chapter means to me.

Our team is a combination of women from different backgrounds and nationalities. We have meetings every other week and every time I enjoy the exchange of ideas and planning for future events. The interest for exponential technologies unite us and everyone brings to the table their expertise when addressing a given challenge.”

— Solange Massa

“Every member of SU San Francisco chapter team has different knowledge and expertise that they bring to the table so we divided responsibilities in a way that compliments every person’s skills and lets them learn new things at the same time. We meet on a regular basis, have a clear strategic and executional plan and we openly discuss ideas and make important decisions together.

When I completed Singularity University EP program I was inspired not only by the content of the program and the level of knowledge and expertise but also by the people who were part of the program and SU community as such. I wanted to be part of it and bring the wider community together and luckily there were a few more amazing people who wanted to do the same so we got together and founded SU San Francisco Chapter.”

— Inna Semenyuk

“The Chapter is a place where new ideas and concepts can be debated, exchanged, and thrive. It is important to merge exponential technologies with the people in San Francisco who are working on them. Within our team, I enjoy the flexibility and accountability that everyone takes on when it comes to executing ideas. In our team, we keep track of everything on google doc, weekly meetings, and in person quarterly meetings.”

— Van K. Duesterberg

“In a constantly disrupted world, having a local SingularityU Chapter that connects like-minded people, promotes collaboration among sectors, and leading actors and helps push the impact- innovation agenda forward becomes a must. All 5 co-founders are proud to have started this adventure together and with the amazing support the SU-HQ Lead gives, I am sure we will achieve great results for the community during the next 2 years.”

— Constanza Gomez-Mont

SingularityU Singapore Chapter
Singapore Chapter leadership team

“It is a great privilege to serve in the Singapore chapter leadership team. We have a steadily growing group of SU program participants here and increasing interest from local community about SU’s thought leadership. Hence, one of our chapter’s key objectives is to create vibrant and high-impact activities for our program participant and local community to converge and discuss SU’s teachings and the impact on Singapore. We wish to generate excitement of the opportunities created by the exponential world and compel more locals to innovate with these future technologies.”

— Charlie Ang

“After 20 years of social work, the 10 week GSP experience was a major eye-opener. I want to use all these technologies to help end global poverty for 4 billion people by creating market efficiencies. The SU Chapter here can be mobilized into such an effort to deliver the mission of SU to impact billions of people positively.”

— Jack Sim

“I’m a strong believer that technology can improve lives and Singularity University’s vision aligned with what I believe in. Leading the chapter in Singapore is an honor and privilege as the SU program participant group consists of many influential thought leaders and makers in their own sphere. I look forward to learning together and working closely with the leadership team and the community in sharing the vision of SingularityU in Singapore.”

— Lee Chon Chong

“It’s a pleasure to pioneer and contribute to growing the SU community.  Our future is ripe with great potential and possibilities, and more than ever, we need people to come together to connect, converse and co-create a better world for us all.”

— Dave Lim

“When I came to SU in 2012 I brought a personal belief that technology is the means to pivoting away from a reactive medical care system and towards a proactive health-based system.  SingularityU not only confirmed my instincts, but also gave me the tools, the confidence, and friendship with like-minded leaders to go out and make more of a difference.”

— Steven Tucker

Learn More About Leading a SingularityU Chapter

Throughout the year, we host a number of informational and conversational sessions such as webinars and application office hours to provide ongoing information about Chapter leadership and the application process.