Columbus Smart City Accelerator

Co-Sponsored by Columbus-Based AEP and NCT Ventures


Do you wish your country had its own SU? The Singularity University (SU) Country Partnership is a unique opportunity for past participants of SU programs to work with local governments, educational institutions, foundations and NGOs, and corporate sponsors in partnership with SU to elevate the state of innovation in their respective countries and bring us all closer to an abundant future. 

These partnerships accelerate the organic growth of innovation—and extend SU’s mission—across the globe by enabling teams of change agents to deliver localized versions of SU’s programs, community activities, and innovation hubs in their own countries. Under the brand name SingularityU, all activities are delivered by expert local faculty who are trained and certified by Singularity University in exponential technologies, exponential leadership, exponential organizations, and our proven curriculum to help promote innovative solutions to humanity’s grand challenges.

This is the most intensive partnership we offer. And while it’s a major undertaking to unite many stakeholders around a common purpose of catalyzing innovation, the benefits of doing so are immense. The Netherlands became our first Country Partner in 2016, and is setting an example for future partners. Denmark became our next Country Partner in 2017.



HAAS Alert (

Realtime mobile vehicle-to-vehicle safety service connecting motorists with city agencies and first responder services. In ten municipalities and partnering with Jaguar/Landrover.

AVE AutoMedia (

New ride-sharing platform connecting cars and mobility services that rewards pre-scheduling and is sold to enterprises and city governments. Platform will become part of fully autonomous vehicle fleet by 2019.


Municipal Services

inTouch (

Mobile app connects citizens to city resources and allows cities to monitor interactions through Cisco’s Smart + Connected Platform.

Scio Technology

Provides police departments with advanced identification of high-risk officers and manages the process of remediation and officer training.

Onseen (

Location-driven collaboration apps for mobile teams. Seamlessly connects people, places, and things with location-aware platform.



Energy Efficiency

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