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The SingularityU global community is taking on the world’s most intractable problems and creating measurable impact in every corner of the world. In fact, our community is how we achieve our mission. Community members work tirelessly to develop projects, programs, and companies across the globe that help lead to inspired solutions to longstanding global problems and bring us all closer each day to an abundant future.

We’re so proud of our community’s commitment, dedication, and accomplishments. In the list below (refreshed regularly), you’ll see just some of the many examples of outstanding members of the SingularityU global community.

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Markus Heingärtner

Markus Heingärtner, Executive Program ’15

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, dignit consulting

Vienna, Austria

“The Executive Program I attended in October 2015 really rewired my brain. I got to know what Exponential Technologies are able to contribute to the big challenges of this world, experienced how close we are in making huge steps in these Technologies and that all of us are able to access them. Now, as Ambassador of the Vienna Chapter, I am trying to bring this mind set to my hometown.”

Nichol Bradford

Nichol Bradford, Global Solutions Program ’15

CEO & Founder, Willow, Co-founder and Executive Director, TTL

San Francisco, CA, USA

“I came to SU GSP for 3 things and SU delivered on all three.  One, I wanted to expand my innate sense of scale to positively impacting billions rather than millions.  Two, I wanted a tribe to continually reinforce that sense of scale and possibility because not everyone in the world thinks that way.  Three, I wanted an index of exponential tech.  I wanted a map and understanding of the current state of exponential tech so I would know where, and how, to go deeper.”

Massimiliano Ventimiglia

Massimiliano Ventimiglia, Executive Program ’14

Founder and Managing Director, H-ART (AKQA ITALY)

Treviso, Italy

“The EP was an inspiring moment for my life. One of the best decision I took in my career. It gave me a new dimension of thinking about what I do and why I do it. The best learning piece I took away from it was the commitment towards the major problems we experience as humans and the will to act and do something for them.”

Nicoletta Iacobacci

Nicoletta Iacobacci, Executive Program ’14

Brand consultant, Hyperloop Transportation Technology

Geneva, Switzerland

“Attending SU was one of the best decisions I made! It has completely changed my life and today they are motivated to change the world.”

Steven Eisenberg

Steven Eisenberg, Executive Program ’12


San Diego, CA, USA

“I always say “Illness starts with ‘I’ and wellness starts with “we.” That sentiment began at Exponential Medicine 2012 and it’s become my life mission and the foundation of the Dr. Steven Show.  We’re now the leading digital health program online. Our guests have included Arianna Huffington, Alex Jadad, and Mark Hyman.”

Mic Mann

Mic Mann, Executive Program ’15

Director, Mann Made Media

Johannesburg, South Africa

“SU taught me how to open my mind to the future and the possibilities of the future. The conversations, the education, the network have all been invaluable and changed my life. I have made some truly great friendships, new business partnerships and met some people who are just incredible and are changing the world of the better. I have an exponential mindset and positive view of where the world is heading. Learning about all the various exponential tech and trends have helped me personally and professionally. We have redesigned the way we do business and completely shifted our strategies on building future products in our industry – thinking globally and not only serving our local customers. The best part about SU is that the network keeps growing stronger, and being part of this awesome network means I feel like Im a part of the future and am fully connected to the best minds in the world.”

Fehran Cook

Fehran Cook, Executive Program ’15

Co-founder, m-spark

London, United Kingdom

“SU solidified my passion for making an impact in people’s lives by supporting programs that are scalable by technologies such as mobile, Ai, or robotics.  Being part of the SU community allows me stay on top of all the latest innovations in health, education, food, which are the areas i care the most about. I feel empowered by the SU Community, which provides a constant learning for the taking.  It enables me to carry out the mission of, “impacting the impacter” in tech-powered social entrepreneurship. Thanks SU!”

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