SingularityU Australia brings together change-makers, leaders, educators, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, government organisations, and all who seek to create impact for good. We connect, collaborate, converse, and converge community to bring sustainability through exponential technologies to solve pressing global challenges. We educate to empower, we inspire to create.

Why Australia?

Australia is the world's only island continent and we are well-positioned to have impact throughout the Asia Pacific Region. We are a young and growing country whose identity is shifting, shaped by her people. Australia is a melting pot of cultures, religions, age, and genders, creating a global microcosm, a capital of diversity. Our purpose is to make the world a better place, and to collaborate with others to solve the global grand challenges—beginning with achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Our vision is to educate, empower and inspire Australian communities to disproportionately create global impact to achieve the SDG's. We are on a mission to engage leaders of Australian organisations and businesses to drive exponential impact so that Australia is action-oriented, working on solving the world’s grand challenges. We intend to do a little less talking and take a lot more action. Our value is all about verbs. We include everyone. We act. We are ambitious. We leave no one behind. We believe it is time for Australia to lead rather than react, and for us to have impact and create #afuturebydesign.

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The SingularityU Australia Summit will explore the latest in exponential technologies and showcase how these technologies are being used to disrupt industries and positively impact the world. Be part of an unforgettable gathering of leaders and change-makers. Explore the exciting convergence of exponential technologies, connect with new people and ideas, and co-create a better world.

With an expected 1,800 delegates, the SingularityU Australian Summit will attract executives, government officials, entrepreneurs, investors, NGOs, impact partners, educators and social impact leaders, all of whom are looking to shift from idea to action!