SingularityU Brazil is a strategic partnership between HSM and Singularity University (SU) to deliver localized versions of SU’s transformative programs to Brazilian entrepreneurs and executives. Located in São Paulo, the company aims to help Brazilian organizations and leaders better understand and anticipate the potential impact of exponential technologies and trends and prepare them to take action. Through SU’s strategy, leadership, and innovation models and tools, SingularityU Brazil will help organizations reinvent themselves to better navigate the uncertain future ahead. Programs will deliver valuable content in such areas as artificial intelligence, robotics, digital biology, medicine, neuroscience, digital fabrication, nanotechnology, networks & computing systems (including quantum computing), virtual reality, and blockchain.

Why Brazil?

By bridging Brazil’s main gaps (learning, health, public security and infrastructure) and strengthening Brazil’s main opportunities (food, energy, environment, and prosperity), SingularityU Brazil can be the spark to leapfrog Brazil into the exponential world, and bring a new sense of hope to our youth and population in general. Since its founding 11 years ago, a significant number of Brazilians have attended SU courses. For that reason, it was a natural next step for SU to partner with HSM to establish a strong presence in Brazil to further contribute to the empowerment of leaders to the exponential world. Brazil is the first SU Country Partner in Latin America.

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