SingularityU Italy aims to gather thinkers, scientists, academics, and entrepreneurs who are keen on exponential technologies and their applications, in order to educate the Italian business community and to accelerate a local innovation culture.

Why Italy?

Italian excellence is famous all over the world in different realms: art, fashion, design, culture, food, entertainment, automotive, and industrial robotics. For its technological readiness and economic development, the country is well prepared to take advantage of all SU programs. Moreover, Italy was the first country outside the USA to implement specific legislation for Benefit Corporations, so now it recognizes the positive role of entrepreneurship in society in fundamental ways, which however must be sustainable from the point of view of all stakeholders, society, and ecosystems at large.

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Last month in Rome, we held the first SingularityU Italy Executive Program, where a select group of executives had a transformative experience and benefited from Singularity University’s global network of Experts and Faculty, as well as valuable exchanges with other participants. Here’s what happens in these three days, which will help you go from a linear to an exponential mindset and show you a future that is already here!