SingularityU Portugal is a joint venture that aims to become the main catalyst of a uniquely futuristic and exponential mindset in Portugal. The organization designs curated programs and events to help individuals and organizations adopt an exponential mindset and unlock new sources of innovation that will transform their organizations, their industries, and their world. Three organizations joined forces to build SingularityU Portugal—Cascais Municipality, Beta-i, and Nova School of Business and Economics—a cross-sector and long-lasting partnership, joined by Ageas, Galp, and Semapa as Founding Partners, that believes individuals, organizations, and our society already possesses the power to change the future. We are committed to exposing more and more Portuguese to timely and important breakthrough content that has the power to impact the way we live and work, while also broadcasting leading-edge Portuguese research and innovation breakthroughs to the world.

Why Portugal?

For the past eight years, the country has been emerging as one of the most promising startup ecosystems in Europe, embracing a new age of technological growth. Portugal is also perceived as a stable place to do business, which is attracting foreign investment—especially technological investment. These factors combined are demanding Portuguese companies to empower their leaders with an agile and disruptive mindset to succeed in a world of constant technological change. As Peter Diamandis says: “The rate of technological change is accelerating so fast that our ability to understand the implications of it has never been so challenging and so important.” This reality has never been truer in Portugal, and SingularityU Portugal was created precisely to help prepare Portuguese leaders for this challenging, disruptive, yet exciting future. Portugal now has the chance to contribute to the rise of a new mindset.

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