As a company committed to positively impacting billions of people, our values are an expression of how we internalize our corporate mission in the way that we collaborate, lead, and design programs. Further, these tenets attract and bind our impassioned global community members as they partner to create impact around the world. We invite you to adopt these principles and let them be your guide in your own work and life.

  • We are creating a future of abundance​ that is bright, equitable, and leaves no one behind.
  • We are not bystanders.​ We act with purpose, leveraging exponential technologies to definitively solve humanity’s greatest challenges.
  • We lead courageously​ and set an example for changing the world. We do no harm and refuse to compromise others for our own benefit. Our passion for the well-being of humanity drives our action.
  • We are a community​ of inclusion, collaboration, and deep connection in which every individual is integral to success and the greatest ideas are often those never heard before.
  • We cultivate a critical mindset​ that is empathetic, understanding, and respectful of all points of view. We make decisions based on evidence and logic which push boundaries and redefine possibility.
  • We take moonshots​, thinking big and taking risks to solve problems and impact billions of lives. We believe that big dreams, strong collaboration, and powerful tools create an unstoppable force for good.

Together, we can solve any challenge we encounter.

We are exponential.

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