Curriculum Framework and Guide for 2020

We’re pleased to make two valuable resources available to help organizations and leaders further understand and prepare for the impact of exponential technologies.

Curriculum Guide for 2020

We are working with our global Faculty and Experts to create a comprehensive overview of the major topics, concepts, and themes that comprise Singularity University’s curriculum for 2020. Following the new curricular structure, the guide will follow a set of learning themes. Each learning theme contains smaller learning areas that make up the overarching theme.

Who is this guide for?

This guide will be valuable to anyone who wants to learn more about what Singularity University teaches at its programs. The guide will be an overview of all the things you can learn at our programs. Additionally, the guide will be useful for organizations developing a custom program. The overview of the learning area groups will also provide easy insight into opportunities for collaboration.

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New Curriculum Framework

Singularity University’s programs, courses, workshops, solutions, and events have transformed and inspired our network of participants, clients, and partners for over a decade, and their success has demonstrated SU’s thought leadership in countless ways. As SU moves into the second decade of its existence, our expertise, perspective, and mission are uniquely positioned to help our clients and program participants recognize the acceleration of exponential technologies and their impact on the future in a more holistic way. With this in mind, the new curriculum framework builds upon SU’s exponential narrative, expands programmatic content, and spotlights new pathways for discovery and transformation.

This curriculum framework represents an expansion of our curriculum in three directions, as it:

  • Reinforces the focus on the future: The new framework explicitly focuses on the future, providing perspectives on exponential technology trends and implications as well as enabling participants to navigate toward their best possible future.
  • Emphasizes the power of humanity: Exponential technologies are amazing, but humans are the real future-makers. As technologies like AI threaten people’s sense of identity, it’s more important than ever that SU inspires the world to believe it’s a humans+technology future that they can help shape.
  • Establishes the architecture for collaboration: In the last 10 years, our network of Experts has grown. We now have more than 300 Experts connected to SU. This new curricular structure allows our community to work together and coordinate our building of a better future.

Curriculum framework graphic

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