Bring Breakthrough Ideas to Market Faster  

The pace of change driven by exponential technologies is constantly accelerating, enabling new solutions to move from concept to prototype to market at an unprecedented rate. Because exponential technologies drive innovation so rapidly, your organization must be able to innovate even more rapidly.

Singularity University’s 10x Innovation Sprint solution helps organizations ideate, prototype, validate, and launch potentially breakthrough solutions that leverage exponential technologies to ensure 10x scale and impact.

Our future-focused design and innovation methodologies empower innovation teams to understand and envision what market opportunities might look like in five, 10, or 25 years. Our faculty, portfolio companies, and leaders from our global innovation ecosystem will join the collaboration to provide industry expertise and new perspectives for your organization’s future.

Along with inspiration, your organization will gain a fully developed go-to-market strategy and introductions to potential partners and collaborators.

Innovate now

Anticipate Future Customer Needs and Address Them Faster

If you’re a senior leader responsible for innovation, SU can help you and your team re-envision the future and get there faster by anticipating, embracing, and capitalizing on exponential technologies and trends.

With the 10x Innovation Sprint, your team will:

  • Gain deep market and technology insights, rapidly prototype future-focused ideas, and develop go-to-market strategies for leaping ahead in the market.
  • Define problems, discover opportunities, research and monitor customer needs, and explore potential technology partners, startups, and disruptors from around the world.
  • Develop up to 10 ideas within an identified opportunity area through a focused disruption or sci-fi workshop and idea-refinement exercise.
  • Build, test, validate, and evolve ideas through rapid prototyping and user-testing methodologies.

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10x Innovation Spirit

Solution Modules to Uplevel Your Innovation Practices

Launch a new product, solution, or business that anticipates future customer demand by following SU’s 10x innovation framework.

Problem Sprint: Module 1


In continuous collaboration with SU program managers, designers, and tech analysts, your team will co-create a research plan and conduct relevant market and technology research to deeply understand the problem and opportunity space.

Participants will conduct research into customer needs, technologies, and trends relevant to the business. They’ll be empowered to help their organization analyze and reframe the problem using the SU 10x innovation framework.


More deeply understand the problem you are trying to address, current and potential competitive landscapes, plus relevant technologies and startups in the selected space. Deliverables include a tech scouting report, faculty insights, and customer empathy reports.

Solutions Sprint: Module 2


Guided by an SU facilitator, faculty experts, and design facilitators—with support from specialists such as illustrators and writers—the Solutions Sprint combines technology immersion and ideation, including detailed visualizations for next steps.


Participants will develop three to five prototype-ready ideas through a focused disruption or sci-fi workshop, refine concepts, co-create potential future scenarios, and identify priorities and milestones for their next steps.


Your team will receive session notes and graphic visualizations, as well as co-created worksheets chronicling future-scenario creation, ideation, and concept refinement. In two to four weeks, they will receive a presentation of three to five refined concepts with recommendations.

Prototype Sprint: Module 3


Your team will engage in rapid prototyping with support from a program manager, design director, engineers, and relevant specialists. Weekly reports aid in the evolution of the solution and include customer insights, engineering and design details, and other learnings.


The team will build, test, validate, and evolve ideas within the identified opportunity area through rapid prototyping and user testing.


Deliverables include low-fidelity prototypes, product summary with design principles and enabling technologies, final product recommendations, and proof of concept or minimum viable product, depending on needs, budget, and scope.

Go-to-Market Sprint: Module 4


Your team will align on the market opportunity and a framework for a go-to-market plan. Over the following weeks, they’ll engage in virtual advisory work to develop a go-to-market strategy alongside SU’s team of experts.


The team will develop a go-to-market plan that includes spin-in/spin-out strategy, funding recommendations, channel strategy, org structure recommendation, and business model strategies.


Your company will receive its co-created, fully developed go-to-market strategy in the final report, along with introductions to potential partners. If a spin-out to a startup is selected, funding may be available from SU Ventures.

It is a major issue for a global company if you cannot innovate at the pace of smaller, more agile competitors. It can be overwhelming. SU helps us stay on an
advanced and relevant innovation track.

10x Innovation Sprint is part of SU’s powerful portfolio of solutions to help innovative organizations achieve 10x results:

Start Innovating Like a Nimble Startup

Our enterprise portfolio helps leaders reimagine and build the 10x future of their organizations.

Bring your breakthrough ideas to market faster. Contact us to learn how to develop future-focused solutions, and plan go-to-market strategies for leaping ahead in the market.

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