Equip Future-Ready Leaders to Drive Transformation

Traditional leadership training tools and techniques don’t work for transformational times. Many organizations now realize that leadership development solutions focused on incremental improvements and quarterly results won’t help their organizations to reach future growth goals.

Developing leaders to effectively champion organizational change is a challenge under any circumstances, and especially so during this era of unprecedented disruption powered by accelerating exponential technologies.

To remain relevant and productive, today’s leaders must reach beyond the status quo to unlearn old habits and become what we call exponential leaders—who can adapt to any situation and drive 10x results for your team, and your organization.

To lead effectively in the future, organizational executives must deeply understand the new skills, tools, and mental models required to thrive in today’s business climate of rapid change and disruption. The 10x Leadership Training solution provides in-person sessions, assessments, online cohort-based courses, projects, and leadership coaching to help leaders communicate exponential concepts across their organizations.

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An Exponential Era Requires New Mental Models

If you’re a senior leader responsible for organizational strategy, employee development, or future growth, SU can help you and your team re-envision your organization’s future by anticipating, embracing, and capitalizing on exponential technologies and trends.

With 10x Leadership Training, participants will:

  • Be prepared to accept the challenge of becoming an exponential leader with the tools and training to help ensure your organization’s future success.
  • Take 10x projects beyond the classroom and into the marketplace with ongoing coaching and mentoring.
  • Understand exponential concepts and thinking to create an environment of ongoing improvement, experimentation, and continuous learning.
  • Leverage a talented and diverse global network of peers to support your goals and accelerate your learning and progress.

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Leadership Training Meeting

Solution Modules to Develop Confident Leaders

Level up today’s leaders and develop tomorrow’s leaders through in-person experiential training, assessments, online cohort-based courses, projects, and coaching.

Assess: Module 1


Participants will take a survey to establish a baseline understanding of individual and organizational leadership capabilities.


Gain insight into your team’s current capabilities and set the stage for a shift from incremental to exponential thinking.


The organization will receive a baseline “health check” to measure the current state and effectiveness of leadership attributes, prompt content and course recommendations for individual improvement, and inform the Module 2 experience.

Awaken: Module 2


This in-person experience, guided by our expert faculty and facilitators, covers the fundamentals of our exponential leadership framework.


Equip current and emerging leaders with the skills, tools, and resources to become effective leaders of an exponential enterprise. They’ll learn what drives exponential change within their role, identify current skill-set gaps, and establish a new toolkit for themselves.


Each participant will learn the exponential leadership framework and how to apply it to themselves. They will also complete a 10x project canvas, a learning tool that can be used to test new ways of applying exponential thinking to decision-making.

Activate: Module 3


Participants are guided and supported by SU faculty and coaches as they develop new skills and practice unlearning through a 10x project.


Participants become more competent and confident exponential leaders by practicing newly developed skills in the context of a 10x project of their choosing.


Outcomes include a more flexible, agile mental model, the ability to unlearn, and a refined 10x project definition and canvas. Participants will receive a guidebook, so they can share the experience with their teams.

The SU course was the most inspiring educational experience I have had in my life. The key players themselves in the fields of AI, robotics, 3D printing, cybersecurity, self-driving cars, energy, and healthcare presented their vision and recent developments. After this week, I realized the future was much closer than I thought.

10x Leadership Training is part of SU’s powerful portfolio of solutions to help innovative organizations achieve 10x results:

Start Developing Future-Ready Leaders

Our enterprise portfolio helps leaders reimagine and build the 10x future of their organizations.

Equip your current and future leaders with the training and tools to thrive. Contact us today to learn how to prepare your leadership team and emerging leaders to harness exponential technologies and propel your organization’s transformation agenda through uncertain times.

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