Explore, Envision, and Unlock the Future of Your Organization

Today, every organization is on an innovation journey that’s driven at an accelerating pace by emerging and exponential technologies. But traditional organizational strategies were designed for traditional times—and they don’t work in transformative times.

That’s why Singularity University offers the 10x Strategy Development solution that empowers your senior leaders to explore, envision, and unlock the future of your organization.

The rapid pace of change that today’s organizations are facing is driven largely by emerging and exponential technologies. Now your senior leaders can develop a deep understanding of these technologies, and how they could impact your organization and industry.

Your team can then develop a future roadmap and new strategic choices to grow and thrive in an uncertain future, and communicate a compelling case to mobilize your organization’s stakeholders. We enable leaders like you to see further into the future so that you can.

Strategize now

Reinvent Your Organization to Navigate an Uncertain Future

In the past, conventional strategy frameworks that drove incremental improvements and 10% gains were considered a success. But today, we’re all working in an accelerated environment where startups achieve billion-dollar valuations in just a few years, and top brands are in danger of becoming irrelevant—or simply disappearing.

Developing a 10x strategy will propel you from getting a 10% improvement to making something 10x better. It entails viewing the future through a new lens to see beyond current solutions and quarterly goals. This type of innovation requires bold, courageous thinking—a 10x strategy to help guide your organization to an exponential future.

If you’re a senior leader responsible for organizational strategy and growth, SU can help you and your team re-envision the future by anticipating, embracing, and capitalizing on exponential technologies and trends.

With the 10x Strategy Development, participants from your organization will:

  • Develop future-focused strategies with a deep understanding of emerging technologies, trends, and opportunities.
  • Use learnings to create a sense of urgency and plan for the positive and negative impacts of rapid change.
  • Determine when and where to place big bets, by exploring strategic opportunities.
  • Share a new future vision through a compelling narrative to help mobilize your entire organization.

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Participants at SU

Solution Modules to Get to the Future Faster

Re-envision, reshape, and reignite your organization’s future with three configurable modules

Future Vision: Module 1


SU faculty will show participants what’s on the cutting edge, provoke their thinking, and inspire them to explore beyond business as usual. Interactive discussions aid in considering potential business opportunities that may arise in 20, 15, 10, and 5 years.


Expose your leaders to exponential technologies, their applications, and business models shaping the future. They’ll be better equipped to evaluate potential challenges and identify opportunities to experiment and evolve business strategies.


Participants will leave with a working knowledge and appreciation for emerging and exponential technologies, future scenarios, and an understanding of possible implications to their organization, industry, and society at large.

Future Forecast: Module 2


Led by our expert team of faculty and facilitators, participants will map the future of their organization and test alternative scenarios. Topics to explore include future customers, partners, competitors, and capabilities.


Develop future scenarios while concurrently pressure-testing the organization’s current business model and underlying assumptions. Participants will think through existing assumptions, create new strategic choices, and explore alternatives for tomorrow.


Participants leave with a co-created roadmap to the future. The plan includes strategic choices, new assumptions, and new strategic questions to help prioritize and make decisions over the near and longer terms.

Future Narrative: Module 3


Participants will engage in a multi-day session led by SU’s faculty, facilitators, artists, and storytellers. Results of Future Vision and Future Forecast modules are converted into graphic messaging to inform and inspire your broader organization.


Armed with a new future vision and roadmap, your team will develop a compelling story, graphic novel, or another tangible artifact that brings your organization’s new strategic vision to life.


Your team will leave with an exponential vision, narrative, and visual representation of a new future direction. They’ll be armed with an action plan that includes instilling a sense of urgency across the organization, engaging leaders in supporting the new direction, prioritizing experiments, and mobilizing your ecosystem to create the new future.

Having access to SU's top-notch talent can benefit your strategy, thanks to their vision on how industries are disrupted one after another.

10x Strategy Development is part of SU’s powerful portfolio of solutions to help innovative organizations achieve 10x results:

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Our enterprise portfolio helps leaders reimagine and build the 10x future of their organizations.

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