A leader’s greatest challenge is to help an organization transform. Many such efforts are likely to fail—not because of a lack of resources, but because of our human response to change.

All organizations start out being flexible, driven to experiment until they find a successful formula. Over time, the organization’s people, processes, and systems are refined to replicate what has worked in the past. Their own success inevitably leads them to resist change.

Sound familiar? The Uncommon Partners Lab exists to help organizations create the mindset shift needed to transform. Leaders can work with us to apply behavioral science tools to face a dynamic future armed with a cohesive vision and a strategy to make it real.


There is no objective future out there that we will arrive at one day. There is only the future that we create.

— Kyle Nel, EVP, Uncommon Partners Lab, Harvard Business Review, 2019

Transformative Solutions

Our custom and ready-made solutions are focused on creating meaningful impact for your organization and industry. When you work with SU, we collaborate with your team to identify pain points and develop the best possible solution.

People sitting on a couch at a workplace discussing.


Foster transformative innovation and discover how your team copes with transformation, ambiguity, and uncertainty.

Man using VR headset.


Upskill staff and optimize your workforce using adaptive and immersive training tactics.

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Discover actionable truths about your consumers and workforce using cognitive data.

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Bring full-service immersive learning experiences to any event or conference.

Our Advantage

We are builders, teachers, and storytellers.

The Uncommon Partners Lab team has a history of pioneering practical and effective innovation efforts in large, complex organizations—most notably at Lowe’s Innovation Labs, which was founded by Kyle Nel.

Under the leadership of Kyle Nel and Amanda Manna, the disruptive innovation hub for Lowe’s led the company to be named the Most Innovative Company in AR/VR in 2018 by Fast Company, and Lowe’s also led its category as Most Innovative in Fortune Magazine’s World’s Most Admired Companies list.

The team designed an approach to innovation rooted in behavioral science, narrative development, and rapid prototyping, which they used to build breakthrough products such as Lowe’s 3D, a proprietary 3D scanning and content generation system; the Holoroom, an award-winning virtual reality kitchen visualization tool; and Exosuits, lift-assistance exoskeletons designed to keep employees safe and healthy.

Additionally, when you work with us, you will have access to SU’s diverse array of world-renowned Faculty and Experts, talented entrepreneurs from our Portfolio Companies, and a global innovation ecosystem.

Kyle Nel

Kyle Nel

EVP, Uncommon Partners Lab
Nel is the founder and former executive director of Lowe’s Innovation Labs and co-author of Leading Transformation, a best-selling 2018 title from Harvard Business Review Press.

Amanda Manna

Amanda Manna

VP, Uncommon Partners Lab
Manna is the former Head of Narrative & Partnership Development for
Lowe’s Innovation Labs.

We believe the best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.

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