We’ll Prepare You to Innovate Successfully in This New Future

In this energizing three-day program, we’ll take you to the future and back, and help you map out a successful innovation journey to propel your organization forward. We’ll explore the most recent advances in exponential technologies (and give you hands-on experience!), provide a deep dive into the latest innovation tools and methodologies for succeeding in an exponential world, and examine the newest leadership and organizational models to support innovation.

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December 2-4, 2019

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Program Overview

During an action-packed three days, we’ll take you on a journey through exponential technologies, innovation, and leadership through a combination of lectures, hands-on learning, case studies, and peer networking.

  Day 1

We’ll start by helping you envision what impact exponential technologies could have on your industry and gain a perspective on how your organization can plan to adapt for future success using approaches such as SU’s proven Design for Exponentials framework and science fiction as a forecasting tool.

  Day 2

Next, we’ll examine emerging capabilities, tools, skill sets, and concepts such as innovation outposts that you can put to work for your organization now. You’ll examine your strategy and organizational structure to ensure it supports effective innovation and identify opportunities for optimization so that you can seize the future before your competitors do.

  Day 3

Finally, we’ll examine the role of the future innovation leader and help you to create a roadmap for successfully navigating your organization and preparing it to become future-ready. You’ll emerge with the knowledge, confidence, and tools to prepare yourself to succeed in this future.

Program fee: $5,500

The program fee includes all sessions, tours/excursions, meals, and local transportation to and from program activities (for those staying at our partner hotel) for your three-day program. Lodging is not included, but you’ll receive a discounted rate at the hotel.

Who You’ll Meet

In this intimate, hands-on learning experience, you’ll find yourself in a mix of fascinating people who share your goal to acquire the tools and perspective to lead their organizations into the future. You’ll interact with SU faculty and innovation peers as you engage with exciting subject matter in hands-on learning experiences and insightful conversations. Whether you’re an intrapreneur looking to disrupt your industry, a business unit leader charting a new strategic direction, or an innovation or R&D leader mapping future product and service development paths for your company, this program will give you a clear view of the future and prepare you to confidently take action. You’ll emerge with a new set of tools and a personalized action plan that maps out an innovation journey to successfully propel your organization forward. Come alone, or bring your 3-5 person innovation team!

Innovating ahead of emerging technologies is the new imperative for any organization hoping to be around in the next 10-15 years. But not a lot of enterprise organizations know how to do disruptive innovation. If you’re ready to take action and start innovating on the exponential curve, you need to come to Singularity University. At Lowe’s, we’ve been working with SU for years, and as a result, we’ve got an epic plan for the future of our company.

Past speakers have included:

Paul D. Roberts

Senior Director, Innovation Design and Strategies

Dr. Tiffany Vora

Vice Chair of Medicine & Digital Biology

Rachel Sibley

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Andre Wegner

Digital Manufacturing

Pascal Finette

SU Chair of Entrepreneurship at Singularity University

Paul Saffo

Future Studies

Kyle Nel

Corporate Innovation

Dr. Michael Gillam

Medicine, Big Data

Why You Should Attend

At Singularity University, you’ll gain an essential perspective that you simply won’t find anywhere else. We’ll explore the exponential technologies that are dramatically impacting our world, both now and 10-15 years into the future. We’ll explain how to incorporate moonshot thinking into your innovation practices to help you create sustained competitive advantages for your organization. And we’ll reveal how addressing humanity’s grand challenges can unlock powerful opportunities for growth.

You’ll come away with:

  • Our best current thinking on innovation, including a review of state-of-the-art examples that will inform your innovation initiatives
  • A new set of tools to help translate far-future thinking into insights and perspectives you can share with your CEO and those you need to influence right now
  • Learnings that will make you smarter about where the future is headed so that you can be better at your job
  • A personalized action plan for innovation to plot your organization’s course for the future
  • An open invitation to join our global innovation ecosystem connecting you with talented peers around the world

And finally, if you’ve always wanted to have “the SU experience,” but were looking for something shorter, more hands-on, and geared to innovation, this is your program. We hope to see you there!


Program fee: $5,500

The program fee includes all sessions, tours/excursions, meals, and local transportation to and from program activities (for those staying at our partner hotel) for your three-day program. Lodging is not included, but you’ll receive a discounted rate at the hotel.

The program will be held at Singularity University’s classrooms in Silicon Valley.

Already attended another SU program such as an Executive Program, Conference, or Summit? This program is a great follow-up for you! We’ll present new perspectives and material never before seen in an SU classroom while also providing up-to-the-minute thinking on what’s happening in exponential technologies. Can’t attend this time? Send someone from your team!

Glad to hear it! To keep this program as impactful and hands-on as possible, we deliberately keep class sizes small. That said, we are happy to accommodate 3-5 person innovation teams, space permitting.

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