Expand Your Family’s Potential

Families are at the heart of every community, and that is certainly true at Singularity University.

At SU we are committed to supporting families everywhere to succeed in this world shaped by accelerating technological change.

Families play a unique role in the global economy—family businesses account for more than 70% of global GDP and more than 85% of startups are funded by family-backed investments. Families also play an influential role in their communities, with an outsized opportunity to drive global change starting at the local and regional levels. But perhaps most importantly, today’s families are shaping the next generation of business people, entrepreneurs, inventors, policymakers, scientists, and leaders in countless other fields who will all play a critical role in creating our exponential future.

We aspire to create a global network of families that think exponentially, understand exponential technologies, and want to use them to create a better future for us all. We call these Exponential Families and we hope that yours will join us.

Taking my daughter to a Singularity event was the single most impactful thing I have done as a father. She emerged with an enthusiasm for changing the world that I could not have expected…

Exponential Families at the Singularity University Global Summit

Exponential Families is a unique experience at the Singularity University Global Summit that has been custom designed for leading families.

Families will have VIP access to the entire conference, plus Exponential Families attendees will have private Q&A sessions with select Summit speakers. You’ll see the future more clearly and develop an informed family strategy to identify exciting business opportunities, clarify legacy and impact, and inspire the next generation. You’ll also become part of a tight-knit, extraordinary group of families who collaborate and take “moonshots” to create a world of abundance.

The Exponential Families Program

Our programs for families who manage family businesses, family offices, and/or philanthropic activities are designed specifically to address the needs of this unique audience.

We create multi-generational learning experiences that bring family members together to explore how exponential technologies may affect your businesses, investments, and philanthropic initiatives. We also help you to create an Exponential Family Strategy and connect you to Singularity University’s global network to maximize your future impact and your family’s legacy in the world.

Youth and Next Generation Programs

For many families, nothing is more important than preparing young people for future success.

Whether you’re preparing members of your family for college or for finding their first job, an understanding of exponential technologies and the forces that are shaping our future can provide an invaluable advantage for the next generation of your family.

Upcoming Programs and Experiences

Our youth and next generation programs and experiences are still in development and we’d value your input and ideas to help shape our offerings in this area. If you’d like to contribute your ideas or be among the first to be notified when we launch new programs in this space, please sign up below.

“We see more change in the next five years than there’s been in the last 50.”

– Dan Ammann

President, General Motors

We Want to Hear from You

No matter your age, there is nothing more important than having the right mindset and perspective for the future. As new breakthroughs, insights, and possibilities are discovered, we want to put this knowledge in the hands of SU families around the world to encourage a new age of conversation across generations. We hope this conversation is not limited to the potential for exponential technologies, but rather that it also includes a discussion of our responsibilities and the decisions that we will all need to make about the role of technology in our lives and its power to create our most preferred future—for today’s generations and those yet to come.

As we develop these offerings, we’d value your input and ideas. If you’d like to contribute your ideas or be among the first to be notified when we launch new offerings in this space, please sign up below.

Private Programs for Advisors

Take your advisory services, and your families, to the next level. We partner with advisors to create private two-three day programs for their family clients. Join us to learn how to:

  • Show your clients the future and empower them to navigate it successfully.
  • Create intangible value for clients by inspiring the next generation, improve family relationships, and help them define their impact and legacy.
  • Increase AUM with impact and legacy projects that generate significant wealth back to the family.
  • Help create wealth strategies that span multiple generations of the family.

Need More Information?

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